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Work From Home: Chat Operator

This is another interesting article about a job that you can do at your home. A friend of mine used to work for this company as a chat operator and they let him, or more precisely hired him to work from home. This is because the company doesn’t have set working hours but instead works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Another reason why the company was looking for people to work from home was that their clients and main operation aren’t in the same country as their offices. This friend of mine had finished high school in Germany and is fluent in written and spoken German language. This was a huge plus for the mentioned company, mainly because the majority of its clients are from Germany or Austria.

At first, when he explained to me what he was actually doing, I must admit that it sounded a bit retarded, but when I heard the whole story, I had changed my opinion. The job in question was to impersonate horny women who are looking for some company on SMS chat and since there are always lonely guys out there looking for some hot chick to talk to, even in the most obviously wrong places such as the TV advertised SMS chat services, my friend was in no short supply of people to chat with. At first I felt sort of weird about it because my friend isn’t gay and he is impersonating a woman, but later on when I realized just how much money he was making while essentially doing nothing difficult, I changed my opinion of this particular type of home employment. The obvious advantages of working from home such as being able to choose your own working hours, not having to spend money on transport or parking and simply not working if you don’t feel like it, all applied here and as a huge plus, the company paid him in Swiss Francs which are a very stable currency that isn’t easily affected by market fluctuations.

I still had a slight moral dilemma about the work involved, but after seeing a couple of his chat sessions with his clients, I realized that these people are better off being here on SMS chat with my friend than being out there laughed at by real women for their silly commentaries and pick up lines, especially because I think that some of them might actually get violent when a woman gives an appropriate reaction to one of their stupid sentences. Of course, the basis for this particular home employment deal is the knowledge of German language which isn’t so common outside Germany and Austria and this is probably the main reason why the job was paid so well. Also, just like any other type of work at home, it requires a stern dedication because when you don’t have a boss looking over your shoulder, you have to be the one to make yourself do all the work, because nobody else is going to do it for you.