4 Types of Open Office Design Plans: Choosing the Best Fit


Open office plan designs are now the most dominant design concept when it comes to revitalising your current surroundings, some of the most recognisable companies such as Google and Facebook use this model to help improve productivity and employee health and mental well-being. Open office designs are extremely flexible and generally less expensive than traditional office models.

  1. Large, Expansive Open Space

This type of design is best suited to small to medium sized enterprises who do not have a large number of employees on their payroll, it could also suit startups or organisations that work in a quiet, silent environment. A spacious open planned  setting is usually laid out with desks aligned side by side without the use of partitions to separate workstations, these areas can also be used by freelance workers who wish to rent the space for a short period of time. This form of open plan office design is aimed at creating a collaborative setting, which promotes group work and employee communication channels.

  1. Booths/Cubicles

When you think of an office floor you usually picture employees working away in boxed off cubicles staring into a computer screen or frantically answering telephone calls, although these types of workstations provide employees with some space to communicate they are not the most effective way to open up your office floor area and improve productivity. An office floor space filled with individual cubicles can feel enclosed and claustrophobic, that also block off natural light, one option to consider is using clear plastic or glass panels, this will brighten the area and make the office floor feel less condensed.

  1. Group Areas

Offices developed for use by multiple employees can help staff members who work in the same department come together and easily communicate ideas throughout the day, they can work in an atmosphere which enables them to focus on the task at hand without having any distractions from other employees who work for other departments. These types of teamwork zones are excellent for large groups of employees who need to work on projects which require immediate solutions, constant brainstorming and rapid channels of communication, employees can immediately bounce ideas off each other and easily concentrate and agree on solutions in real time.

  1. Partial Cubicle Partitions

If you aim to create a semi-private office design in Melbourne, or any other large city, then should consider using this type of office concept, partial wall dividers allow workers to stand and talk while also keeping some level of privacy. Half partitions help to filter noise pollution and make the office floor feel a little more open and spacious, they do not completely obscure your view and still allow staff members to communicate effectively without the need for in house emails or phone calls.

There are a few options to consider when deciding on what style of open office plan will best fit your organisation, it mostly comes down to the size of the business and what kind of work your company is involved in. There are a number of concepts to suit all tastes.

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