A Guide to Choosing the Right Security for Your Business


If you are a business owner, you will, to some degree, require security. It could range from a single CCTV camera in a small shop to a complex network of technologies that oversee huge corporations, but is usually somewhere in between. Crime has always been an issue in today’s society, and with more and more homes having protection, the housebreaker is looking further afield, and what better target than a commercial premises, which happens to be empty at night. Obviously, commercial and retail properties are protected, and the system(s) they choose would be determined by the nature and size of the business.

Retail Outlets

If you own a shop or perhaps a supermarket, you would need an extensive network of CCTV cameras to monitor every square foot of the retail floor space, and you would also require a complex alarm system, to protect the building at all times. Access control systems allow authorised personnel easy access, and a modern security company would be able to evaluate a business and recommend the best form of security, which might be a combination of two or more separate systems. If, for example, a shop owner in Yorkshire wanted to revamp their security and prevent stock losses, there are private security companies in Leeds that can tailor the perfect package. The Internet is a great source of information, and a simple search would source the right company that services your area.

Commercial Premises

Depending on the size and nature of the business, commercial properties are best manned by qualified security guards, especially if the goods contained within have significant value, and with goods coming and going on a regular basis, you really need gate control. The perimeters could be covered with video surveillance, and one person can easily monitor the entire network, and with random perimeter patrols by manned guards, you have a very effective deterrent to any would be thieves.

Public Safety

Some industries are connected to public places, and if the activities could be harmful, then the public must be informed and protected. Museums, hotels and other large establishments all require security that has the communication skills to mix with the customers, and if you were looking for such a service, there are online suppliers of fully qualified security guards who can work to the client’s specifications, whatever the environment.

Large Complexes

Power stations, large gas and oil plants, and other heavy industries all require round the clock security. Inflammable materials are required, by law, to have in place a suitable security system, which would include manned guards. Often, video surveillance is used in conjunction with a manned presence, as this is the most cost-effective way to provide the necessary level of security.

Security has become an even more important issue with recent terrorist activities, which only goes to strengthen our resolve to provide adequate security at all times. Most businesses notice an increase in profits after manned security is introduced, and loss prevention is essential in any retail environment.

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