Are There Any Other Cities That Could Potentially Compete With Los Angeles In Terms Of Recreational Marijuana Sales/Business


We all know that the cannabis delivery business has been delivering medical cannabis for quite some time now, but with recreational sales coming our way in January of 2018, how is this going to impact everything? You’re going to see a lot more companies, brands, and weed delivery vehicles out on the streets. Typing in “Marijuana delivery near me” is practically going to have companies racing to meet you wherever you’re at. Which means there’s going to be a big shift in the market.

So what are we going to see for competition? Los Angeles, in preparation, has been applying for temporary licenses left and right. Dispensaries have been given a unique opportunity to sell adult-use (21+) marijuana to legal customers, and it’s expected to become a saturated market before long. If you follow any trends in general business, you’ll know that the second another city becomes available to house recreational use marijuana dispensaries and delivery services, competition is going to thrive.

Los Angeles is being used as California’s guinea pig to test how this will affect the rest of the state. It’s absolutely possible that other cities could soon rise up and promote recreational use sales, but it’s all going to depend on how LA handles everything. This is basically the test phase for the rest of the country, so if done right, we are absolutely going to see other cities passing these laws and competing with Los Angeles in the near future. By April 1st, we should know whether other cities are going to be taking action, implementing legislation, and promoting competition with Los Angeles marijuana sales.

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