Essential Characteristics Of These Creative Companies


What is the most important feature that makes a company creative or innovative? Being creative or innovation is basically a tool enabling companies to accomplish strategic and exclusive goals. An innovation initiative taken up at the end of a company is not just enough for a company to be called a creative company. These creative companies need to have some important characteristics in order to be considered creative or innovative. The most important features of creative companies are as follows:

Relevant and Unique Strategy

We are well aware of the fact that Facebook, Google and Apple are creative companies, right? Arguably, an important and defining feature of these creative companies is that they possess a relevant and unique strategy. Possessing a relevant and unique strategy is necessary for almost all companies that want to be considered creative. Creative companies are the ones that make their plans clear and follow them relentlessly. The innovative smaller companies might not be popular globally but the employees, leaders, customers and business partners will surely have a very clear concept of the strategy of these companies. Companies that do not have a unique and definable strategy cannot be creative. It is also important to note that bland strategies do not offer the right path towards creativity.

Creativity Used as a Means of Achieving Strategic Objectives

Companies that are highly creative do not consider innovation as the end but they take it as one of the most useful means of achieving strategic objectives. These creative companies take innovation in the form of an effective tool for achieving their strategic objectives. Perhaps, if you have a look at the websites of the most creative companies of the world, you will find that they do not go for trumpet innovative. Rather, they have a very corporate vision.

Trustworthy Environment

Creative companies provide a trustworthy work environment to their employees. Innovation is all about taking risks. This is because the highly creative ideas sound stupid most of the times. If the employees of a company fear scorn for sharing creative or bold ideas, they might not share such ideas. In the same way, if the employees of a company fear warning for taking part in unsuccessful assignments, they might not take part in any assignment. If the employees of a company do not have faith in each other, they will be found watching their backs every time. Employees will refrain from sharing their own ideas if they have this feeling that their seniors will steal their ideas and claims them as their own. Thus, creative companies should always aim towards building a trustworthy environment for their employees. This is because if employees do not have the fear of taking risks, they will put forward their creative ideas which will further help in driving the innovation of the company.

Finally, it would be wise to say that innovation and creativity generally thrive when people within an organization are able to trust each other and even their organization. Creative companies always make it a point to create that perfect environment for their workers that will help them in coming up with their creative ideas.

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