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A Used process equipment dealer is hard to find, especially if you don’t know the right places to find them. F.A. Maker is currently one of the largest dealers of second-hand process equipment. They have the reputation when it comes to quality service and providing Industrial Equipment.

 F.A. Maker is no doubt Australia’s best when it comes to experienced process or plant equipment companies. The company deals with different kinds of used machinery. It can be for manufacturing, recycling, food, pharmaceutical, mining, and process, industries.

F.A. Maker Pty Ltd

The company started making a name in 1928. Through the years the company has grown. It is a fast-growing company in the Industrial Equipment industry. The company has gone through many changes for 9 decades. But in 2017 marked a different path for Australia’s best used process equipment dealer. This year, FA Maker entered the industry of manufacturing food products.

F.A. Maker Services

 FA Maker is known for its world-class services. Let us go ahead and see what they can offer to their clients worldwide.

  • Ships Worldwide. FA Maker machinery is available to be sent anywhere even across the globe. They can even pack shipping containers onsite or get to expert crates. Through these decades, they are able to ship items anywhere worldwide.
  • Equipments for Rent. This is one of the most popular service that FA Maker offers. They have everything that you need when it comes to industrial machinery. As long as they have it in stock, it can be hired on a regular basis. They currently have reconditioned filter press, vibrating screen, assorted pumps, electric motors, even stainless steel tanks, and basically other equipments that you need.
  • “Try Before You Buy’. FA Maker believes that you have to make sure that the machinery works 100% before you purchase it. This is why you can try it first before closing the deal. They would be able to test run the machinery in the workshop facility. You can also come and check it yourself. You would even be able to try some of their products before purchasing it.
  • Centrifuge, Decanter Service, and Rebuilds. FA Maker can also provide you with the full service and also rebuilds to Westfalia and also to Alfa Laval centrifuge and decanters. All of these works are completed by the company’s industry experts. Everything here is backed up by a warranty.

Sell Equipment with FA Maker

If you have any equipment that you have to sell, you can directly contact FA Maker. They will give you an appraisal of the worth of your equipment based on the second-hand market standards. When selling your machinery, you have options to choose from. The company can purchase the equipment directly, you can also opt to have your services listed on consignment without any extra charge to you. Another option is to take the machinery to auction.

Australia’s best Industrial Equipment provider is just one call away. Whether you are looking for second-hand equipment, or if you want to hire a machinery, or maybe sell one of your own, FA Maker should be your choice. There is a reason why they are number one. Simple. Because they are the best in this industry.



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