Facing troubles? The customer service is ready to help you


There are different programs, software, applications and parts used in every computer and as it is a machine, there are chances of malfunctioning of these devices. In any such case, one needs to take some actions that can help to either replace the component or restore the service so that the ultimate purpose of the system can be achieved as expected.

In many cases, the Wireless Networking support is very much required. However, there are many points one has to keep in mind while dealing with such problems. Here are some important points that one needs to care in such situations.

  • Forgotten password: In such case, the user needs to first recall the password. If he has noted it somewhere, it can help. Otherwise, one can just restart the router and set the password again. Still, if the issue does not resolve one can email the issue to the customer care and they will try to resolve it from there end or can send a link to reset the password.
  • Authentication failed: This usually happens due to wrong password or selection of a wrong device if there are multiple devices available on the network. One can check the correct router, select it and try to enter the right password. In the case of networking, one can ask the administrator for the correct password. In case the issue is still there one can reset the router and try again or email the customer care to support.
  • Don’t remember network name or can’t find it: In this case, one can ask the administrator about the name or reset the router. If one cannot find it, just be sure that the Wi-Fi on the system is on and check if it finds other devices. If it does not find other devices also, one needs to check with the Wi-Fi drivers. In case the only specific router is not finding, try to reset the Wi-Fi and try again. If still the issue is not resolved one needs to have the assistance of an expert.
  • Can’t connect to the network: In the case of this issue, one needs to see if the router is on. If yes restart the same. In case it is not being on check the chord and sees if there is any issue of power supply. In case the network is not being connected see if the internet link is working and there is no problem from the side of the service provider.
  • Can’t add a device to a network: In the case of this problem, one needs to check that the device Wi-Fi is working properly. If the Wi-Fi on the device is OFF, switch it on and try to connect. Enter the right codes for the authentication. If, there is still an issue of adding, contact the customer care or an expert to help.

Usually, the problems with connectivity are a few only, and one can check it himself. However, the internet customer service and support are always there to help one and resolve the issue.

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