How Does a Boiler Keep Your Office Warm


There are several different ways to keep your office warm during the winter months. Some of the more recent options are electric HVAC units. These units are somewhat inefficient for many different reasons. For one thing, electricity is not the most efficient way to create heat. One of the most efficient ways to create heat is by simply burning fuel. You need a clean fuel, but burning fuel creates more direct heat. That is why natural gas produces more BTUs per pound sterling than electricity. If you are looking for a way to keep your office warm, you should consider a boiler that burns gas or oil. Which one is better, though?

Gas or Oil?

When you are choosing between natural gas and heating oil for your boiler installation, you have a few things to keep in mind. The first thing to consider is what type of boiler you already have. If you already have a fuel oil boiler or if you don’t have a boiler at all, you likely don’t have natural gas lines going to your office. If you have natural gas lines, they might not be installed in a way that makes it easy to quickly add a boiler. Therefore, you will have a much easier installation if you choose a fuel oil boiler. Fuel oil is a little bit more difficult to work with once the boiler is installed, though.

Fuel oil is slightly more difficult because you are responsible for keeping your boiler supplied with oil. That means you need to accurately estimate how much oil you will use and schedule deliveries. With natural gas, you don’t have to worry about supplying your own fuel. The natural gas is piped in through a municipal source. If you already have natural gas lines, then the installation should be hassle-free. What do you do if you want a natural gas boiler but you don’t have pipes?

Gas Safe Installer

If you need to have natural gas lines installed or altered in some manner, you need a certified gas safe installer. This is also the case if you need to have a natural gas boiler removed from your office. Someone who is a certified gas safe installer is trained in properly and safely dealing with natural gas. In many cases, someone who is adding a natural gas boiler already has natural gas service for some other reason. If you have natural gas lines running to your kitchen or your hot water heater, the installer will just need to alter them. They’ll need to create some more branches so that the gas moves to your boiler as well. It’s a fairly quick process if you call a talented installer. Make sure they’re certified to install natural gas lines and elements.

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