How to Start Your Own Offshore Company


If you have considered starting your own offshore company, you should consult a financial accountant who can help you put together a specialised package that will allow you to reach your goals. Operating an offshore company can sometimes be much easier than dealing with an onshore corporation, simply because of regulations. You can have your company up and running in just a matter of days once you have made a payment to your offshore service provider, or OSP.

What is an Offshore Company?

The term ‘offshore company’ or offshore corporation is often used to describe two different things. It could be used in reference to a corporation or other form of legal entity, that is registered in an offshore financial centre, or it may be used to describe a company or corporation that engages in offshore manufacturing or other business services.

What are the Characteristics of an Offshore Company?

Even though all offshore companies are different on one level or another, depending on the corporate laws of their jurisdiction, all offshore companies have the same main characteristics. None of them are subject to any form of taxation in their home jurisdiction, which often makes them a desirable to business moguls. The corporate regime is also designed to promote a flexible business technique that can be easier for many people to manage and control. The regulation of corporate activities is also lighter for offshore companies than those that are located in a developed country.

Another top characteristic that most offshore companies in Vanuatu have in common is that there are a limited amount of details which are available to the public. This can vary from one location to the next, such as in the Cayman Islands, where there is no publicly available information, or Hong Kong, where offshore companies will file annual returns with their directors and shareholders. Even in those areas where there is very little jurisdiction, law enforcement officials are allowed to have access to information and in some cases, private individuals are allowed to as well.

How to Get Started with a Vanuatu Offshore Company

If you are interested in starting an offshore business, then you should first consult with a professional international finance firm that has plenty of experience in chartered accounting. It doesn’t matter if you own a small company or a large international organisation, a chartered accounting firm can provide you with the counselling and advice that you will need to make the right decision. You can compare financial strategies and discuss commercial or industrial solutions that will help you get the most out of your new business ventures.

If you are hoping to start an offshore company in Vanuatu, your financial accountant can put together a package that will help you successfully reach your goals. Be sure to locate a team that has many years of experience and will provide you with the results that you need. Look for a firm that has a good reputation in the offshore industry and one that is a fully-licensed trust company in of Vanuatu.

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