Interesting specifications of Galaxy S9 are killer


If you have a Galaxy S6 or S7 (in the latter case it is more difficult to justify a new payout only 13 months later), the answer is clear: the Galaxy S8 is now the best Android phone on the market. Just after the release of Galaxy S8 in the industrial market, rumors began to pop-out about the upcoming Samsung flagship Galaxy S9 all over the globe and with the deluxe hi-class S9 features, the smartphone Galaxy S9 just set the bar very high to Apple with the future iPhone 8.

Many aspects of the terminal Galaxy S9 are winners: the stylized screen, battery life, design decisions (such as the disappearance of the home button), the inclusion of new technologies such as facial recognition that make life much easier. Even the camera, highest picture quality is perfect among its predecessors, obviously will become one of the best on the market, releasing next year.

If we talk about Galaxy S8 smartphone, the phone, like all, has its specks of dust. Moving the fingerprint sensor to the back area is the most controversial decision and the iris sensor does not work too accurately. Bixby, a new assistant, seems like one of those ideas that will end up forgotten over the years. But the greatness of Galaxy S8 is that these errors are not able to tarnish what is a phone that will set a trend. But the upcoming worry-free smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9 will take you to a highly comfortable luxurious zone with its fabulous marvelous features and even the display appearance. The AMOLED 4K display of 5.8” S9 smartphone devoid of any physical Home button and covered up with a perfect latest glass-guard Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The S9 phone having a metallic and glass body, even the lovely shiny phone cover is just out of the world.

Curved displays, the disappearance of frames and the reduction of size (which offers more user space) will be the trend that reigns in the industry in the coming years. Xiaomi and LG have already bet on this idea, although neither has achieved a product as round as the one that today occupies us and that launches a tough challenge to Apple: the iPhone 8 has a very high bar to overcome. If it succeeds, the competition will be (even more) fiercer. To give a tough competition and bump away from the iPhone 8, Samsung has indulged many powerful deliberate features in Galaxy S9 and it is anticipated that to give the phone an awesome look designers crafted its front panel with 95% Screen to body ratio.

The most powerful features of Galaxy S9 are written below based on the rumors and Investor’s reports:

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC processor with Adreno GPU;

                    Exynos 9810 processor : (Octa-core processor), 550 MHz clock speed

                    Empowered by 7nm FinFET technology; best gaming function, every-function fast.

Battery: Non-removable Li-Ion 4500mAh; 100% charged in just half an hour; Long-hour use.

Camera : 16MP Dual-lens primary camera; 8MP front camera; Dual-color Flash

Hope these superlative hi-class features of Galaxy S9 will bring us all the comforts which we desire in a smartphone and won’t disappoint us.


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