Online Solutions for Precise Measuring Tools and Equipment


Like most things nowadays, precise measuring tools and equipment can be sourced online, and this will save you both time and money, as online suppliers usually offer lower than retail prices. This type of equipment is used in many types of engineering, as very precise dimensions are required, and without the right measuring equipment, this level of precise engineering would not be possible. If you work in the precision engineering industry, here are just some of the special tools you can buy from reputable online suppliers.

  • Bore Measurement Gauges – Essential for measuring the cylinders in an internal combustion engine, this type of gauge comes in several forms. There have been many developments in precise measurement technology, and this makes the job of critically checking dimensions so much easier, and with a range of tool types, there will be something that is made for the job at hand.

  • Thread Measuring Rolls – It is vital to ensure that threads are machined precisely, and thread rolls are the perfect way to measure the thread depth and angle. The units come to fit all standard threads, and with an online supplier, you would likely have a full stock range, which means you don’t have to search too long for the right piece of equipment.

  • External Micrometers – Essential in any engineering workshop, micrometers have always been a necessary tool for measuring diameters. Moore & Wright traditional micrometers are all made to ISO 361 standard, and with the best quality construction, the micrometer will last you for many years. Buying online does not mean you lose any product warranty, in fact, with a lower than retail price, it is cheaper than in a traditional bricks and mortar store.

  • Hardness Testers – Digital hardness testers have a measurement microscope and a menu-based user interface, which really gives accurate results. Some units are rugged and designed to be used in difficult environments, which is important for on-site testing, and whatever the material you need to test, there are units that can handle the job.

  • Various Hand Tools – Feeler gauges come in many sizes and are very useful for measuring tiny gaps, and with compilation kits that contain many individual strips, you can easily carry a set in your pocket. Steel rulers and measuring tapes are very useful, as are precision T squares and steel straightedges, and with many more hand tools in stock, the online supplier would likely have everything you need.

  • Optical Measuring Instruments – Sometimes you need very special equipment to measure items, which would include camera based inspection systems, and your online supplier would stock well-known brands, such as Baty, who are the market leaders in optical measuring instruments. This type of equipment can be very expensive, and by using an online retailer, you can expect to pay lower prices than if you went to a showroom.

The Internet has definitely changed the way we live our lives, and no matter what the product or service, there will be at least one online supplier who can provide whatever you need in terms of precise measuring tools and equipment.

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