Reasons For Choosing Litho Printing


In the year 1796, litho printing got introduced. Since then it has been getting used as the most popular printing technique. Many modifications have been included for making the technique much more improved and sophisticated. If you have got a limited budget for printing then you can definitely choose this option without going for anything else.

Nowadays, many people call this printing as offset printing. Though this printing process is easy to follow but before going ahead, you should know about the basic principles. These principles will enable you in getting absolutely error free prints. Not much technical knowledge is needed for operating lithographic devices for printing.


  • Since clarity can be consistently maintained in print production; therefore litho printing is being chosen as the best option.  Sharp and smooth images can be created and on the other hand varieties of materials are being texted. Soft-rubber is found at printing surface and this is why the prints do not get interrupted and the papers also remain intact.
  • Low-cost is another powerful reason behind the increased sage of this kind of traditional printing system. In this case, bulk prints can be produced at quite a lower cost as a result of which the overall printing expenses of the concern can be minimised to a great extent. The printing device or equipment involved lower maintenance and this is how maintenance costs can also be curtailed from the list.
  • The quality of printed items can be maintained consistently without any compromise and this is the reason that the modern corporate world considers this printing method as a superb option. With each passing day, the latest technologies are getting added for upgrading the printing standard.
  • Are you looking for versatile printing? Well, in this case you should definitely rely on lithographic printing. Lithographic devices contain unique features and thus they are capable of producing versatile prints. Acute flexibility can be experienced while dealing with these devices and thus customised prints can be easily created without any hindrances. Different printing purposes can be well-served by these specialised printing devices and some common ones are the creation of cards, posters, catalogues, books, advertisement flyers, newspapers, magazines and many more. Different printing surfaces are being entertained by these devices, especially metal, wood, plastic, and leather and cloth.
  • Both paper sides are being printed with the use of lithographic printing and this is one of the most highlighted points for which the printing technology has gained so much fame in the recent age. Nowadays, web-press lithographic devices have got the capacity of printing even more than 50000 sheets at every hour.

There are many modern printing presses that are using lithographic devices for meeting up the printing needs of their clients. Prints can be created quickly as a result of which you can save both time and energy. High value prints are being created with the use of advanced lithographic devices. Since lithographic devices are smaller and compact in size; therefore they can be easily moved from one place to another for developing precious prints.

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