Search for the best cloud-based CRM system for your enterprise


The development and growth of the company are important indicators, especially in the highly competitive business environment. Today, customer satisfaction extends to the highest level of importance. Then the company takes care of their goods or services promotion. No a single business is completely safe from unforeseen obstacles or difficulties. However, in recent years the economic situation has become unstable all over the world. At the same time, the customers have become more demanding. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the changes of the client behavior, monitor their activity and buying preferences. Cloud-based CRM makes it possible since it instantly connects your company directly with the client.

Such an approach will help you achieve results in two areas – you will know what your customer actually wants, and your organization will get more profit from the implementation of client applications. While customers are looking for reliable partners, you will offer a stable approach. That said, the cloud-based CRM system will advance your goals and ideas, and the company will be able to reach a new level of communication with customers. In order to solve complex problems, based on long-term cooperation, it is important to use the full version of the CRM system, provided by bpm’online.

However, the question here is, whether all the systems can offer you a complete set of tools for doing business or should you choose a particular automation tool for each business objective? Let’s discuss the main criteria when choosing a particular CRM system.

What place is better for the system – on-line version or the cloud-based CRM?

According to the statistics, 6 years ago 12% of enterprises used cloud-based CRM solutions, which is approximately 8 times less than today. The number of enterprises using cloud-based CRM has increased to 88%, making the system successful and popular. SaaS solution has rightfully taken its place in the market having an economic impact on all companies, as well as small businesses. Cloud service has its advantages:

  • No need to hire staff that will handle IT management
  • High levels of security and reliability
  • Trouble-free deployment
  • There is no need to purchase additional equipment
  • Major vendors offer mobile CRM apps for Android and iOS

You will be able to access the data from any device using cloud-based CRM, when online connection is established.

Quick setup and user-friendly features

It often happens that companies change their CRM vendor because the program does not fit the company’s business objectives anymore. In order to increase the effectiveness of time-management and costs-efficiency, CRM vendors offer a trial version of the software for a test drive. Before automating your work, you can check the quality of services during the test period. It is free and you are provided with all the features of the software. You will be notified what aspects of the organization need to be improved, what is necessary to enhance profit, and what points need to be reviewed.

CRM system

Many companies have recognized that the cloud-based CRM system is very difficult to manage so before making a decision about buying and deploying the system, make sure that you are comfortable to work with it. If you need a cloud-based CRM system, select the software from that is easily customized. The system automates a wide range of tasks increasing the efficiency and minimizing errors., to secure smooth running of the system, it should rely on an open-access code to transform the editorial data.

All departments of the company in a single cloud service

It is important to ensure efficient communication between marketing and sales departments. Since their workflow is interrelated, and it is relevant to have them both in sight. Monitoring is also important for small as well as for large businesses, so it is essential to create a tool that will monitor multiple business departments. By connecting all departments of your company in a single environment, your company can:

  • increase the amount of closed deals;
  • automate various projects;
  • reduce expenses;
  • secure the rapid development of business;
  • improve the quality of interaction with the customers.

As a result, cloud-based CRM system allows you to establish contacts with many customers, better understand their goals and desires. Cloud system like bpm’online helps managing the database, which leads to enhancing work efficiency within various departments of the company. Ultimately, you can accelerate the productivity of your business processes, without losing positions in the global market. In a few months, your company will reach a new level among the competitors.

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