Shared Workspaces Are Every Millennial’s Utopia


Have you noticed that shared workplaces are popping up on every block just like coffee shops? The concept of Coworking and shared offices have taken the business world by storm and has evolved into quite the successful venture over the last decade. It has risen up against all the odds. The odds being that this concept would not succeed and would fizzle out. But now there are more than 11,100 shared workspaces across the United States alone. Granted that these spaces are up and about only in metropolitan cities but it still says a lot about the concept growth.

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The fuel towards the growth of this business is the emergence of millennial run startups and freelancers. Millennials are taking the job sector in their own hands, and with the help of capital they are starting their own firms or independently freelancing and shaping up trends with regards to how to work and shared office spaces.

Shared office spaces and Coworking are really enticing to a millennial, here’s why:

In case you did not know, a shared office space is a very hip and communal location where people who engage in multiple types of business can meet and engage in work. Generally, the members who enroll in a shared workplace usually pay a monthly fee, just like a gym, for regular access to the building and other necessary utilities and accommodations they may need.

Why do Millennials love shared office spaces?

These office spaces attract Millennials, like a moth to a flame and here is why:

Lower costs:

These spaces are always much cheaper than the full office counterparts, when you buy a large full-time office it can be quite the pain to keep up with the expenses that go along with, this includes the bills that you will have to pay along with a very hefty lease.

Fewer responsibilities:

Millennial business visionaries who take part in shared space additionally have fewer obligations to stress over. Things like cleaning and support are dealt with by the building’s proprietors. This is one reason Millennials prefer to rent places instead of owning because everything is already taken care of.

Networking opportunities:

The thing about shared office space is, that at a time there are dozens of people who are going to be sharing the space with you and the number changes frequently, it is a great way of meeting with professional people who want to expand their professional circles.

Smaller commitments:

Recent college grads additionally like the fact that they don’t need to commit. Leases tend to cover periods of quite a long while, and owning a building is an investment that can (or should) keep going for 10 years or more. Then again, a shared office space can be reduced to a month to month, day by day, or hourly if your requirements change regularly, this is an unquestionable requirement.

Urban location:

As mentioned before, Millennials love their fast-paced city lifestyle and the fact that shared office spaces are mostly centered in metro cities make it quite accessible to them. Mostly Millennials prefer to live in urban areas, where access to locations like markets, eateries, and entertainment locales are advantageous and commonly open to others. Shared office spaces, as a rule, possess urban focuses, making them an ideal fit in twenty to thirty-year-olds’ fantasy areas. Centrally found, twenty to thirty-year-olds can either stroll to work effectively or utilize the chance to investigate a greater amount of their home city.

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