Small Indoor Insect Happycow 777 382 Sky Phantom Mini

Small Indoor Insect Happycow 777 382 Sky Phantom Mini 1

HAPPYCOW 777 382 SKY PHANTOM is just like a small indoor insect and least dimension is 7.50 x 6.50 x 2.50 cm and lightweight 0.1190 kg can be carried in the pocket. Very easy to handle it has own control and safety box for taking it the long time. Circulatory rotation makes it so comparative for others’. It has many advanced features compare any other RC Quad copter. It has four fans in it less noisy make so comfortable flow. It has an ON-OFF bottom that so amazing to start it easily.

Small Indoor Insect Happycow 777 382 Sky Phantom Mini 2

Use indoor for better results: – It is lack of the feature that it is not fly long-term high flow and not allow the rainy weather to outside. So it is preferable to use it inside. Mini RC Quadcopter flew high as you control with its remote. It can flow when you want. A Less noisy fan that gives comfortable house environment. LED Lights makes it more attractive.

How it works: – It starts from ON button in the HAPPYCOW 777 382 SKY PHANTOM and handles with the remote. Put it on the plain surface and click ON button in the bottom side of this MINI RC QUADCOPTER. It has simple feature three type of button for speed control, return back and flip control that Controls all function of Quadcopter indoor and outdoor. It make fly Quadcopter forward / backward / sideward/ free /up / down / left / right / slow middle fast flight/ lose-control protection/ tumbling. One click of return back button gives the automatic signal to Quadcopter to the direction of the remote. Remote handle all the activity of HAPPYCOW 777 382 SKY PHANTOM. It works like a small insect.

Functions: – 360 degrees flip for best performance can rotate any angle. With the one click, it can fly high, control speed and return back slowly. Installed LED Lights for night fly makes it like a beautiful star in the sky. LED lights placed inside the Quadcopter that gives it widely light used to enhance the light visibility. Easily brush able fan and unbreakable fly. It has one charging space for charge the battery. Fly time is 4 minute and with the distance of 50-60 m with the remote controller. MINI RC Quadcopter included with 1 battery 3.7V 280mAh Li-ion Battery and 1 USB cable for charge it. The charging option appears in the HAPPYCOW 777 382 SKY PHANTOM. It takes 30 minutes to charge the battery.

Summary: – With all the function HAPPYCOW 777 382 SKY PHANTOM has the good appearance. It is an innovative technology for incredible use. Short starting time and easily fly ability. Automatic remote’s key can make it so easy to fly with one click. It is a unique Quad copter to keep anywhere. It is an indoor device. Recommended by the customer for indoor uses. Affordable price with all important equipment.

All over affordable and easy to use for indoor.