The Benefits of Remote IT Support


Providing the right IT support is critical in the routine operation of any company. With our increasing reliance on technology to assist us in efficiently managing our businesses, few of us can likely afford the financial and reputational damage that comes with not being able to deliver for your clients.

Luckily you are not alone. The outsourcing of IT support roles has become increasingly popular in streamlining our business operations and one way you can go one step further is by utilising remote, rather than onsite support to make your business as lean as possible.

What is Remote IT Support?

A company providing remote IT services and support on your behalf has the ability to actively manage your company’s IT infrastructure and network from any location.

How Does It Work?

Service technicians are able to access your company’s IT network by utilising the administration rights that have been granted to them. This will involve being able to login to a central portal to configure and diagnose as required as well as the ability to directly connect to individual computers on the network.

This involves the use of IP addresses and other ID markers which make knowing exactly what computer is being connected to simple.

The Advantages

The advantages of a non-site based IT support service are numerous and include:

  1. IT support staff are able to instantly commence working on an issue as soon as a support ticket is raised. These support tickets identify what the potential problem is as well as who is facing it, leaving your support technician to actively seek a solution and administer it in a timely fashion.
  2. IT support technicians have a wide range of tools at their disposal to assist in remotely diagnosing and finding solutions to user problems as well as tools that offer far more convenient lines of communication then a telephone call.
  3. Remote IT support can be scaled as required. A business that utilises fluctuating staff levels to ensure efficiency can benefit from the ability to increase or reduce the services provided by outsourced remote staff with a simple phone call or change order request.

This alleviates the need of having to make staff redundant on a short-term basis only to have to rehire them once work picks up.

  1. The majority of IT support needs can be fulfilled remotely and do not require a permanent onsite presence. This will play a large part in reducing costs and removing the need to provide and allocate desk space which may be at a premium.
  2. The OPEX costs of retaining the use of outsourced remote IT support services are much lower than the costs associated with hiring inhouse members of permanent staff.

If you were already thinking of making the switch or if you didn’t know that these types of services were available, you should consider getting in touch with a company that could assist you. Spectronics is a well-known company who receive positive customer feedback and provide outsourced IT services across the South-East and London. Services offered and their associated costs will differ so make sure to approach more than one company for a quotation.

Outsourcing service critical aspects of your business need not be stressful when you have access to such a wide range of highly experienced service providers. Make the change today to streamline your business.

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