Building a healthy customer base can sometimes be a daunting thing to achieve. As a business owner, you need to be aware that your customers are your company’s heartbeat. When your customers remain happy, you can fulfill your goals and achieve the vision you had when you started your business. Bringing in new customers or retaining your existing ones will require a lot of hard work and effort. It is where a well balanced promotional marketing strategy comes into play.

Nowadays, every entrepreneur knows that it is crucial to have a plan of action to promote their business and tap into both a local and international customer base. However, most of them fall when deciding what promotional marketing strategies work and what will fail—considering that there isn’t an all-in-one promotional marketing strategy in existence. The amount of success you have with bringing in new customers depends on how you use it.

To better understand which strategy will work for your business, below are some promotional marketing techniques that can help you attract more customers.

Promotional products can allow businesses to increase their client retention rate and bring in new customers. They will provide your brand with tangibility and personality. Giving away promotional items to prospective customers is like telling them that you care about them. Whether it is a flash drive, a pen, or a cap, a promotional gift with a brand’s printed logo will increase brand awareness amongst customers. It allows you to generate new leads.

According to a study, amongst people who received such promotional products, half of them utilized it in their daily lives. Such prospective customers may also end up passing them on to their friends and family instead of reaching for the bin.


Social media provides business owners with a platform to communicate worldwide, as everyone is using them nowadays. But, the first thing you need to do is understand where your target audience is. A good practice is to promote all your products on every social media platform to lower your chances of failure. However, direct most of your marketing efforts on the one where your target audience is mostly present. And remember to add high-quality content along with product promotions. When people read content that they can understand, it will increase the chances of lead generation.

On the other hand, sponsored links and ads are those that you pay for to bring customers. The purpose is when people search for products or services similar to yours, they can find you on blogs, websites, or articles posted by others. Such a promotional marketing technique does not intrude on prospective customers’ browsing experience, which is pleasing.


Whether you run a physical business or an online one, hosting events to spread the word about your brand can help you bring in new customers. You can also co-host such events with small companies for the entire public to educate them in person about your brand.

When your target audience sees you in person, they will know how much you care about your business and what it has to offer them. If you cannot host events by yourself due to financial reasons, participate in ones that occur in your locality. You never know what might happen if you give away a small product sample at one of these events.

Similarly, create virtual or physical contests that encourage prospective customers to visit your business or eCommerce webpage to buy your products. This type of marketing technique is something that business owners use to increase their visibility and gain more customers. You may have seen contests such as sweepstakes on Facebook or Instagram pages where regulation forces them to tag other people to win a prize or giveaway.

Another type of marketing technique you can use is down-selling, up-selling, or cross-selling. As soon as a customer makes a purchase, they might make another purchase on the spot if you apply such a technique.


You should not limit yourself to creating only visual content to promote your business. According to statistics, podcasts attract more customers than visual content. People usually like to consume content through audio, as they can do other activities while listening to it.

But, do try to find out if your target audience appreciates this type of marketing technique. You wouldn’t want to invest in a promotional marketing technique that potential customers don’t find interesting.


Now that you know some promotional marketing techniques, it is of utmost importance that you know the steps you need to take. Do that before you incorporate one of these, if not all, promotional marketing techniques in your marketing strategy. After all, only applying these techniques will not increase the number of customers. Take everything with a grain of salt and ensure that you measure every aspect of your business before spending money on your marketing campaign. Not doing so will leave all your hard work and efforts in vain.

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