Top 5 Mexican restaurants in Fontana, California, USA


Human beings have a deep connection with food and cuisines. They love to travel and relish some great cuisines which are prepared by the local folk. However, visiting every town and country to eat their dishes may not possible. Restaurants and cafes fulfill this desire by making all the cuisines available at the same place.

One such delicacy is the Mexican food which is famous for its exquisite taste and flavor. One cannot resist trying Mexican dishes for once in their lifetime. Mexican restaurants have a unique feature of keeping their ambience similar to that of a Mexican gathering or festival.

Top 5 Mexican restaurants in Fontana, ca are:
1. Tacos El Güero:
The restaurant is famous for its late night menu which includes a number of dishes for quick bites. Taco with hot salsa is their specialty. Everyone craves for a delicious bite at Tacos El Güero as they are number one in hospitality and have a great ambience. One has an option to pay through mobile wallets through which people can earn great cash backs. Though small in size but has everything which a Mexican restaurant needs.
2. El Rey Taco Grill:
Main highlights of this restaurant are the outdoor seating arrangement which allows an individual to enjoy their evening snacks comfortably. Every corner of the restaurant is beautifully curated. The owner is patient and polite with customers as well as the staff. It is best known for its indoor grill which is used for live preparation of food. Shrimp taco is the best dish served at the restaurant.
3. El Chilitos Mexican Restaurant:
A great place to enjoy Mexican classics like burritos. One must order a combo meal for example Chicken Quesadilla served with fountain drink which proves to be a real money saver. People have high praises for its night dining experience. The takeout service is phenomenal with no errors in packaging and preparation of food.
4. Alberto’s Mexican Food:
Alberto’s Mexican food is one of the best Mexican restaurants with great customer service. Food is served hot and prepared using the most authentic ingredients. The serving size of the dishes served is very generous. Carne asada fries is the best Mexican dish available at the restaurant which if combined with a margarita can prove to be a real deal. No leaves the food joint disappointed.
5. Pancho Villa’s Restaurant:
Pancho Villa’s Restaurant is well-known for its Reasonable and affordable prices which attracts a lot of customers looking for a quick and cheap bite. Menu is filled with great choices with a separate section for delicious seafood. Simplicity combined with excellence makes it a great Mexican restaurant. Staff makes sure of a comfortable evening with absolutely no inconvenience of any kind. Moreover, the restaurant serves the best shrimp cocktail in the town.

These Mexican restaurants make sure their customers get a wholesome meal at great prices. One can search for the best Mexican restaurants Fontana ca online and get the same list as above. Food lovers who love to eat different cuisines should visit one such restaurant to get a real taste of Mexican ingredients and spices used for their preparation.

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