Top three rules to trade in small account


Trading in a small account requires extensive skills. Without having the necessary precision, you are not going to survive in the investment business. Naïve traders don’t know this fact and they think the Singaporean traders are using some sort of secret formula to trading the small account. But things are not as easy as it seems. If you look at the bigger picture of this market, you will slowly realize that there a few major tricks that allow elite traders to trade with a small trading account. If you can follow the tips of this article, we can assure you that undercapitalization is not going to be a big problem for you in trading.

Instead of making things complex, we are going to highlight three major rules. The top three rules are –

  • Trade with the price action signals
  • Lower down the leverage
  • Learn advance money management

Trade with the price action signals

To become a pro trader, you have to rely on a unique trading method. The smart investors prefer to use the price action strategy since it allows them to find the best signals. Being a fulltime trader, you need to learn about the different formations of the Japanese candlestick. Learn about the unique method of trading so that you can place a trade at the critical levels. Though you can use other trading strategies, price action signals allow you to trade with tight stops. You will get the opportunity to trade with a big volume without increasing the risk exposure. Things might be hard for the naïve traders but you have your demo account to learn price action trading method. Once you understand the key technique, trading capital is not going to be a big problem for your business.

Reduce the leverage

Naïve traders always try to use insane leverage in the Forex trading industry. They think it is the only way to increase the size of their account balance. But things are not as easy as they seem. Increasing the leverage greatly increases the risk exposure and the traders find it hard to make a profit. Most of the time, traders get lost after losing a few trades. But if you trade with a low leverage account, you won’t be able to take high risk in your small trading account. You might become an emotional trader still you will not be able to open big trades with high risk. To solve the problem associated with the size of your investment, you need to read more about leverage. Once you gain enough knowledge, you are not going to want to use a high leverage trading account.

Learn advance money management

Learning to trade the Forex market with a balanced trading strategy is an art. But this doesn’t mean you will never follow the key rules of money management. You might have an 80% success rate at trading still you need to think about the money management technique. Trading the market with high risk and trying to increase your account balance is not a justified act. Forget about your initial investments and stick to the basic 2% rule of money management. Take your time and try to underhand how this market works. Once you realize the key reason why the majority of retail traders are losing money, you are not going to trade with high risk.


Everyone thinks the size of their account balance is the main reason why they are losing money. But things do not depend on your initial investment. You can solve the problems of undercapitalization by using the tips of this article. Start trading the market at a slow pace and try to increases the balance by focusing on organic investment. Control the urge to withdraw the profit unless you are satisfied with the size of your account balance. Be a brave trader and deal with things logically.

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