Uncontested Divorce Without a Lawyer -Is it Right?


Despite the saying, “there is one perfect person for everyone,” sometimes you end up with the wrong one – but that is okay. Suppose you and your spouse mutually decide to part ways while agreeing on all the legal terms such as – child custody, division of assets, spousal support, etc. In that case, your “uncontested” divorce can take place sooner than other divorces. 

Having one even for your uncontested divorce can reduce your stress from all the legal formalities and lengthy procedures. The lawyer can guide you on all the minor details that you may not be aware of. 

Let us take a look at this in detail below. 

Can you go through this Uncontested Divorce without hiring a lawyer?

Yes, you can! However, we do not recommend that. As you may know, legal processes are always a bit complicated, and getting things done from someone already an expert in that field is always better. 

We know most people want to get it done as they believe the whole legal entanglement with an attorney might lengthen the procedure. However, they also provide you with complete security in regards to all the legal terms. Meaning, when you hire a lawyer, they make sure that your rights are well protected, and you are receiving a fair deal.  

We advise you to connect with Gig Harbor, WA Family Law Firm – as they will help you with your agreement and scan through your paperwork and verify whether you are meeting all the criteria and doing things correctly to avoid all future delays. They have successfully handled many such cases and always received positive feedback!

The utmost quality that attracts so many clients to this firm is their level of understanding towards their clients’ emotions – which makes the procedure a lot more seamless and less stressful! So make sure you request their consultation. 

Eligibility for Uncontested Divorce

Both parties agree to all the terms and conditions, such as – child support, child custody, equal division of property, spousal support, and parent visitations/ responsibilities.

Once both the parties sign a paper that states all of these rules, they need to visit the court for the hearing, and when the judge believes all the reasons for the divorce, they are free. However, based on the state you are in, the process can be from 5 days to several months.

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