What Is A Legal And General Relevant Life Policy?


The legal & general relevant life plan is term assurance policy which is available for all the employers to offer every individual death in the service advantages for every employee. It is best designed for paying lump, if employee dies and while being employed, during the tenure of policy. It will even payout if employee during his or her employment get diagnosed with terminal illness & meets the definition at any point of time during the coverage. For more information about, you can take assistance of expert help. You must also know that the legal and general Relevant Life Policy is paid for by the employers.

Why select the relevant life policy?

  • More coverage and less questions: around 25 x remuneration gets multiplied & while some of the providers need the supporting evidence of finance at lower level of coverage, they never asks for financial evidences until benefit gets exceeded to £3.5 million.
  • Coverage: if the client leaves company, then they can convert RLP to personal plan or move the same to new employer without any requirement of medical evidences or the underwriting. They have also now increased time; they need for being informed of employee leaving company, from around 30 days to the 90 days.
  • Price: for coverage of more than £600,000, they will never be beaten on for prices. This is one promise.
  • Support: the legal and general relevant life policy team can also assist throughout complete process, from submitting of application to ensure all the trusted documentation which is correctly completed.
  • Guaranteed option of insurability: increase the level of client of coverage for the salary increment and even the mortgage increment, getting married, moving the house or becoming parent.
  • Benefit of accidental death: while the applicant of client is being underwritten, they get covered automatically.
  • Peace: the core literature has been completely reviewed by top senior barrister of English. Therefore one can be confident when recommending products to clients around.
  • Simple enough: they have straightforward & combined application which comes with trust pack that allows all for completing application in smooth process.

Online application

One can now get quote and can also apply for the relevant life policy by making use of their system. The handy guides are also available that explains changes from standard application, how one can process the application and much more. Get in touch with the experts now.

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