Why You Need An Outstanding Intranet For Better Employee Engagement


Some have a hunch that employee engagement is keeping people occupied at workplace. An employee working non-stop for many hours a day isn’t an engaged worker. Then who exactly an engaged employee is?


Employee engagement is an approach where a healthy workplace environment is provided to employees where they can be productive and work for a company goal. To stay ahead in today’s competitive industry, it is necessary for a company to bring all employees on one platform where they can work together. This is the scenario where social intranet comes into play.

Why Social Intranet For Employee Engagement?

Unlike traditional intranet, the modern-day social intranet is fast, secure and with lots of user-friendly features. A company’s employees using its intranet software stay connected with each other all the time and work together for a common objective.

Social intranet includes lots of collaboration features that enhance communication within an organization and promote a productive workplace. What more social intranet does for better employee engagement include:

Freedom To Speak

Low level employees get an opportunity to speak to managers and share their views. In a constructive environment, they talk to managers and receive feedback from them.

Sharing Meaningful Content

Using social intranet, more information and useful content can be shared with all company employees who can access it to bring fast and beneficial results for the company.

Quick Solutions

Employees can communicate with experienced staff members to get quick solutions for their work-related problems. Without visiting personally, top management can help low level employees in doing their duties.

Productive workplace

When everything is available quickly over the intranet, employees get more time to do their job. In addition, they manage their time to be more productive.

Creative Web Mall can help you set up an effective social intranet network for their company to have an increased employee engagement.

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