Parking Woes: Navigating Mumbai’s No Parking Fines


Mumbai, the city of dreams and a financial hub, faces a rising population, causing traffic and parking issues. The city’s limited space has led to stricter enforcement of parking regulations and fines for offenders.

Parking Regulations In Mumbai

The New Motor Vehicles Act of 2019 outlines parking laws in India to address Mumbai’s parking scarcity. Motorists can avoid fines by adhering to rules like not obstructing traffic, following road signage, and refraining from parking in designated no-parking zones or busy thoroughfares.

No-Parking Fine In Mumbai

To counter the parking problem, Mumbai Traffic Police imposes fines on both two- and four-wheelers for violations. The fines vary based on offences like obstructing traffic, improper parking, and parking near pedestrian crossings or signal points. Some offences are non-compoundable, requiring court appearances for the determination of penalties.

Fine Amounts For No-Parking Offences

The fines for various offences range from ₹200 for obstructing traffic to non-compoundable fines for parking in front of other vehicles, gates, or bus stops. In certain areas, the Municipal Corporation has set steep fines, with ₹1,800 for two-wheelers, ₹4,000 for four-wheelers, ₹7,000 for buses, and ₹10,000 for heavy vehicles.

Paying No-Parking Fines

Motorists in Mumbai can pay no-parking fines through online and offline methods. Online payment options include using mobile wallets or visiting the Parivahan or Maharashtra State E-Challan website. Offline payments can be made using authorised e-challan machines or at local traffic police stations.

Online Payment Procedure

For online payments on the Parivahan website:

  1. Visit Parivahan’s website.
  2. Click on Pay Online and complete the Challan Details form.
  3. Verify your vehicle’s challans and choose the relevant one for payment.
  4. Select a preferred payment method for online payment.
  5. Receive a receipt with a transaction number after successful payment.

For Payments On The Maharashtra State E-Challan Website:

  1. Visit the Maharashtra State E-Challan website.
  2. Choose the vehicle number or specific challan for payment.
  3. Enter the required information and click Make Payment.
  4. Use e-wallets, net banking, credit card, or debit card for payment.
  5. Receive a payment receipt for records.

Offline Payment Method

For offline payments, motorists can use authorised e-challan machines if present during a violation. Alternatively, fines can be paid at local traffic police stations by providing necessary documentation and challan details.

Importance Of Vehicle Insurance

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The escalating issue of parking scarcity in Mumbai necessitates strict regulations and fines. Motorists must adhere to traffic laws, park responsibly, and promptly pay fines to avoid further consequences.

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