6 Sustainable Office Decor Ideas To Explore Right Away


Is your office feeling a little drab and industrial? Brighten things up with sustainable décor that responsibly utilizes natural materials. There are many ways to bring the wonders of our planet into every workspace.

Once you’ve decided to “bring in the green”, it may be difficult to know where to start. There are plenty of great resources that offer plantscaping tips and decoration ideas. To get you started, here are six tips on adding sustainable décor to your office.

  1. Go Green

Bring fresh air to your workspace by adding plants to key areas of your office. Small spaces can benefit from a tasteful arrangement of pots. Bigger areas can hold a larger installation of greenery.

Choosing the right plants will require research. You’ll need to know the light and moisture needs of each one. Cactus and succulents require more sun but minimum watering and are easy to care for. For instance, plantscaping tip for a small office would be to consider adding hanging plants in decorative baskets. If you only have a small corner to work with, make it a focal point by layering smaller plants in front of an eye-catching potted palm. Fresh additions like these make for a pleasant and productive work environment.

  1. Visualize the Possibilities

Before making drastic changes to your office, you’ll want to plan your decoration strategy. Consider how the new items will look in relation to the desks, filing cabinets, and other work items. You’ll want to take advantage of the open spaces without causing crowding. Consider taking maximum advantage of the space that is available.

  1. Choose Eco Brands

When picking out your new sustainable décor, it’s important to consider the source. Where you shop is as important as what you buy. Do some research to find affordable eco-friendly brands that can supply you with plant containers and accent pieces that respect the environment.

Certain companies, like these, provide fashionable, eco-conscious décor items that respect your budget. They offer a wide range of items from containers, to wall art, to lighting. You can pick out pieces for every room in the building.

  1. Balance Form and Function

The best offices are efficient offices and the same is true of the décor within. As you look for new plants and sustainable décor, think about how they can promote productivity. Or, put another way, consider if they’re useful as well as pretty.

Certain plants, like lemon balm, thrive in sun or shade and release a soothing fragrance promoting a peaceful workplace. Corn plants grow well in offices and remove common indoor air toxins. Thoughtful choices like these can really improve the quality of your work environment.

  1. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Give old objects new life by choosing reusable or upcycled pieces. This supports the sustainability movement and will help create a trendy look for your office. Think wastebaskets woven from plastic bags. Or, lampshades made from vinyl records. The options are endless.

A quick internet search for “sustainable office décor” might not come up with much. Try looking at home décor sites for sustainable pieces you can use to decorate your office’s waiting area or break room. You might find one or two pieces for your own desk.

  1. Play to a Theme

Sometimes the easiest way to create a new décor style is to choose a theme and stick with it. You could go for a tropical vibe and incorporate plants from that region with bright accessories. Or, you could choose a southwest theme and bring in succulents and décor in muted tans and blues.

Think about the space you have to work with, and the people working in it, and choose what’s best for your office. If you’re adding plantscaping to your office, make sure there’s enough light for the plants you choose. Once you know what greenery you’re working with, you can build a theme from there.

Hopefully, these sustainable tips have inspired you. Bring these ideas, and your own creativity, into work and revitalize your office. Good luck and have fun!

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