Can an Injury Lawyer Represent the Negligent Party to the Accident?


Injuries have become imminent in the hectic lifestyle of the present times. People are running a race in everything they do. In such a hectic life, they might be a victim or cause accidents to happen. In the event, you have been running a hectic life and have caused an accident due to your negligence, consider hiring a Spokane injury lawyer to safeguard your rights.

If you have caused an injury to a person due to your negligence, the chances of the injured person filing a claim against you would be relatively higher. The injured party could claim the damages and injuries caused to them by your negligence. What are your chances of saving a significant amount from the compensation claim? You could hire a competent injury lawyer to help you with the claim.

Is an injury lawyer hired by the injured party only?

An injury lawyer could represent a negligent person who had caused the injury to any person. Unlike the popular belief, that only the injured party could hire an injury lawyer to help with the claim filing and winning needs. It would be worth mentioning here that if you had caused an injury, you still reserve some rights, which could be saved by hiring an injury lawyer near you. The injury lawyer would ensure that you have the best chance to safeguard your rights by using the skills and experience they have in the legal arena.

How would an injury lawyer be helpful to the negligent party?

When you hire the services of a competent injury lawyer, you would have a better chance to safeguard your rights. The injury lawyer would discuss the accident and determine your fault if any. Rest assured that not all accidents occur due to the negligence of one party. Most of the accidents occur due to the negligence of both parties. Your injury lawyer would determine the part-negligence of the injured party in the accident. It would help reduce the compensation claim quoted by the injured party.

Based on the law of the land, the injury lawyer would consider using their negotiation skills to settle the compensation claim to a minimum but a fair amount for the injured party. It would be in your best interest that your injury lawyer should be skilled in negotiations, lest the injured party lawyer would take the claim to the court. It might not work in your favor, as mostly the courts are biased against the negligent party and the insurance companies.

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