Here’s What Forms A Part of Your Home Insurance Policy?


Owing a home gives a sense of pride and security knowing that you have a safe place to come back to. For most people, it is one of the single largest investment during their life. Being such an invaluable part of your life, it needs to be protected in every possible way, doesn’t it? For that, just locking it up isn’t enough when you head out. There are many factors which are beyond your control that end up damaging your house. So, a home insurance policy is the safest bet.

Using a home insurance policy, you can be rest assured of the financial reimbursement for any damages to your house that form part of its insurance cover. Some common examples of such damages are fire, robbery, theft, natural calamities and more. Let’s look at what form part of your home insurance cover and what doesn’t.

There are a myriad options to choose from, but a good home insurance policy covers the following –

  • Coverage for the structure of your house. This includes any detached structures like walls, compounds, garages, shed, etc.
  • Not only structure, but a home insurance quotes are also available for content of your home. While not all insurance companies offer this as standard, it is definitely available as an optional cover. Examples of contents include jewellery, home appliances and other equipment as declared when buying the policy.
  • Next, a home insurance plan also covers damages from natural calamities like hurricanes, storms, cyclones, earthquakes and other natural disasters which are listed as per your policy terms.
  • It also provides for man-made perils like burglary, theft and fires including third-party losses.
  • Lastly, any restoration required to repair the property also forms part of home insurance cover.

Other than the above inclusions, here are some of the exclusions from your home insurance coverage.

  • No reimbursement is provided where the construction of your house does not have necessary sanctions from regulatory authorities.
  • The damage to your home due to an order of the concerned regulatory authority is excluded from the coverage.
  • Any maintenance issues that require repairs to your house are excluded from home insurance cover.
  • Contamination due to radioactive elements are excluded.
  • Any damage to the property caused to war, or invasion is excluded.

Here are some reasons that make it indispensable to purchase a home insurance cover.

Protection against perils of nature: Natural calamities are the prime reason that results in damage to not only life but also property. With a home insurance policy, these damages can be insured thereby providing mental and financial stability.

Safeguarding the contents of your house: With a home insurance policy, not only the structure of your home is protected, but also its contents. A home is not just the structure, but also the contents that liven it up. Keeping the contents of your home covered under insurance ensure an all-round protection.

Protection against liabilities due to others: An accident like fire can end up damaging not only your house, but also those units around your home. With a home insurance policy, these third-party liabilities can also be taken care of under the public liability clause.

These are some reasons that make it a must-have coverage for your home. Just like you insure your health, a home is something that you shouldn’t miss. Lastly, if you are confused which plan might be the best for you, make use of a home insurance calculator. This tool helps to shortlist and select a favourable plan based on your requirements and within your budget. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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