Livestock Transportation Solutions for the Modern Farmer


Farming, like any other industry, has greatly benefitted from the technological advances we have enjoyed in the past few decades, and this is especially evident in the field of livestock transportation. As every farmer knows, there are times when you have no choice but to relocate livestock, and having access to the right trailer is essential. It might be a couple of sheep that need medical attention, or some cattle that need to be taken to a new grazing site, and with a lightweight aluminium trailer that can hook up to any vehicle, you can easily accomplish the task.

Livestock Safety and Well-Being

Of course, any livestock is valuable, and travelling can be difficult, especially in wet conditions, so you want to use a trailer that is designed for a specific animal, as it will have protection in all the right places. Good ventilation and a sturdy, non-slip floor surface are both essential, and with online suppliers, sourcing the ideal unit couldn’t be easier. A farmer might, for example, be looking for a livestock trailer in Yorkshire, and an online search would certainly give him a starting point. There are suppliers of both new and used trailers, and with a bespoke design service, if required, any design can be created.

Lightweight and Mobile

The modern livestock trailer does not require an army of strong men to move it, as a single adult can easily manoeuvre the unit into place and hook it up to the vehicle. Easy to wind hand jacks with wheels make for simple and effective steering, and the units have their own electrical connection that ensures lights and braking.

Tailored to the Livestock

When designing a livestock trailer, one would have a particular animal in mind, and that animal’s size and girth would be factored into the design. Horses, for example, require a very different interior to cattle, while sheep and pigs also have different needs when it comes to transportation. Of course, there are times when perhaps you would use a trailer for a different type of animal, but generally speaking, it is not a good idea, as the trailer was not designed with than animal in mind.

Sourcing a Good Dealer

Unless you happen to know a neighbouring farmer who wishes to sell the very trailer you need, an online search would be the best solution. There are suppliers of both new and used trailers, and by dealing with an established company, you can be sure to get the best of service. Typically, this type of company would be specific to livestock trailers, and would have everything from a small sheep unit to a tractor pulled cattle trailer, and with a choice of new or used, there is something for every budget.

Lightweight aluminium provides the ideal transport for livestock, and with a well-designed interior and an easy to handle unit, the modern farmer has to struggle no more. Bespoke creations are another way to create the ideal trailer, and with affordable prices, your livestock can be safely transported.

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