Loan application with a business plan


Any entrepreneur or a business owner that has a small existing company and wants to expand its operations may very well apply for financial assistance through a commercial loan. Usually, these commercial loans require certain qualifying a borrower applicant, where they should include a statement pro forma, a business plan, profit and loss statements, balance sheets, a sheet of personal or business life, collateral and staff of the borrower. All this in order to obtain a commercial loan for a small business or company.

To make a business plan and apply for a loan there are certain steps that you must follow and carry out, among them are the following:

  1. You have to collect all the financial information before you go to write a business plan: to this end, it is necessary that you have the relevant information well organized, you must collect all the financial data, where are you going to include accounts of results, balance sheet and at least 3 months of bank statements of the business. You must also submit a list of inventory, facilities and equipment.
  2. It is important that you write a pro forma statement: To do this you can hire an accountant and help you to write a pro forma statement, which is a projection of future costs and benefits that are linked to a business plan for the commercial loan application.
  3. Create a business hour of life, that is to say a resume of your business in which you can demonstrate a range of operation that has your company, in this curriculum must go the services or products you offer to consumers, the experience and previous commercial enterprises, as well as the use of the owner. In the event that the company does not yet exist, you need to write a piece of personal life, although for this you can hire a writer to write curriculum vitae to help you in this case.

In our FNBNorcal bank we are always supporting the good business ideas for our customers, which is why we provide this type of information so that they can make a good business plan, with which they can then come to our facilities or send it by e-mail and in this way make a detailed study to make a decision whether or not to approve the funding.

We know that today are being born more and more entrepreneurs who need an opportunity to grow and here we support those dreams.

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