Three Reasons to Invest in Branded Workwear for Your Employees


More and more businesses are making the decision to deck out their employees in branded workwear.

Not only is it a great to give your business a stronger sense of identity, but it has numerous benefits for both employees and customers alike.
It’s amazing how an employee wearing the company name and logo on their chest instantly feels a lot more responsibility than one without.

Knowing that you’re representing the company can spur employees on to work that little bit harder, as they feel much more accountable and don’t want to let the business down.

Employees will also come to associate their work uniform with work, and will be in that working frame of mind when they put it on in the morning.

While it doesn’t necessarily refer to branded clothing, this article from Stylist shows the benefits that two women experienced when they wore the same outfit to work every day.

Allowing employees to wear their own clothes can sometimes mean that they feel a little bit too ‘at home’, and are likely to be less productive.

We spoke to Preston-based Stitch Embroidery who said: “Keeping your employees happy is just as important as keeping your customers happy, and branded workwear can work wonders for your business.

“But it’s important to take time and care over your uniform as nothing will bring your employees motivation down like a drab and uncomfortable outfit.”

If your workwear is smart and stylish, it’ll make your employees that little bit much prouder to work for the company.
Brand visibility
Especially in a retail environment, it’s important for your customers to easily be able to identify your staff and distinguish them from other shoppers when they need advice or service.

It’s also a fantastic way of getting your brand out there for potential customers to get to know your business and create more leads.

This is even better if you have a clearly present phone number or website that people can easily follow up.

For this reason, it’s important to make sure you invest in quality workwear as rightly or wrongly people will come to form snap judgements.

You should think of your workwear as just another component of your marketing strategy, and it’s essentially free advertising!
It’s often the case that once employees are all wearing the same uniform they benefit from an increased sense of unity.

Clothes can actually say a lot about a person’s wealth and status, but a uniform removes all of this, so nobody has to feel self-conscious.

Branded uniform puts everybody on a level and can help build up relationships in the workplace that will ultimately lead to more productivity.

It’s the same principle that works in schools with school uniform and helps promote teamwork, and the feeling that everyone is pulling together for the same common interests.

You also won’t have to worry about enforcing any kind of dress code and making sure that nobody turns up to work in anything inappropriate or offensive!

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