Tips For Building A Great Business Website


A business isn’t really at its full potential without a visible presence on the web.  You need a great business website to adequately serve your target consumers.  People thrive off of information, and your website is the first place they will look to find answers.  

It’s vital that you take the time to make sure your site is built to make an impact online.  Here is a brief compilation of a few helpful tips to craft a business website that will serve the digital needs of your target consumer.  

Design for simplicity

A good business website doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to use it.  Your business should have a site that is built for everyone to use.  Make navigation simple.  

Simple navigation, like this stationary navigation bar on this interior designer’s website, is familiar and easy for users to understand.  No one will wonder how to explore your site when it’s built for simplicity.  

Design for mobile optimization

If you want to design a business website that serves the whole of your online audience, then you will need to make sure you include steps towards mobile optimization as you build your content.  

Mobile users are the majority on the web today, so your website will be well-served to design for today’s digital devices.  Research what makes your site mobile optimized, and start making changes towards a more mobile-friendly build.  

Design to please the search engines

Search engine optimization is also something you should take some time to dig into before you dig into the design of your business website.  Good SEO practices will place your website in front of more of the right people online, boosting your company’s visibility online.  

Take the time to really read up on the concepts of search engine optimization.  There is tons of information online to teach you how to build an optimized website from the ground up. 

Design to enhance communication

You want your business to be in constant contact with your target audience, and your website is an excellent tool for engagement with web users.  Boost communication between your business and your consumer base by adding various elements to your design.  

For example, a good contact page design is important.  You can also add a simple contact form and a “leave a comment” box for people to quickly reach out to your professionals.  

Design for speed

A great website is a speedy website, so design for quick loading on all platforms.  Web users won’t sit around waiting for your pages to load, and you’ll lose traffic with a lagging website.  

Using high quality images that are formatted to save space is one way to boost the loading speed of your pages.  Test your site’s loading speeds, and take the necessary steps to slim down your loading times.  

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