Why Now is a Good time to Sell your Old Jewellery to Gold Buyers


Throughout history, gold has always been considered a valuable commodity in almost every culture and Gold Buyers have always been key role players in this trade. From Kings and Queens to the gentry and the upper class, gold will continue to be the definitive badge of wealth and status.

The History and Value of Gold

It is strange that this single yellow metal has stood out above all others to make its unquestionable mark on all of human history. The earliest record of gold dates all the way back to the Paleolithic period, around 40 000 BC, and from that time on gold has played a significant role in almost every culture and civilisation.

Because one of the main historical uses of gold has commonly been as coin-based currency in most cultures this has led to gold jewellery having a very absolute and authoritative value directly correlating to the weight of gold used.

As the years moved on tradesmen became more and more adept at working with gold and fashioning beautiful objects from it. These tradesmen became so specialised that they were awarded their own classifications of goldsmiths and jewellers, and their skills were held in high regard.

Historically people have always used their gold jewellery as collateral and trade items, employing the services of gold buyers to offer valuations and act as sales brokers. Not much has changed in today’s modern era and customers selling gold jewellery to gold buyers is not only a common practice, it’s a growing one.

The Global Gold Trade

If you look at the figures from world trade and investment reports you will see that gold is the most popular investment metal globally because of its steady market and continual rise in value.

Because the price of gold is driven by supply and demand it does experience large spikes in value, but fewer and less dramatic drops when compared to other trade commodities. This is mostly due to the fact that most banks and governments tend towards keeping large gold reserves, thereby stabilising its overall trade value.

These same entities are also consistently growing their current gold reserves in order to increase their asset base and have a solid fallback to help offset any major financial or political crises.

Recycling Gold and Gold Buyers

As a result of worldwide financial crises, the practice of recycling gold jewellery has become a very lucrative multibillion-dollar industry that is consistently growing worldwide.

“Cash for Gold” businesses are everywhere, both in brick and mortar shops and online, and this industry has surged as more and more people started to sell gold jewellery to gold buyers to help offset the current bad economy.

However, with the financial atmosphere stabilising it means that supply has dwindled while demand continues to remain high. This means that now is a good time for you to find and sell gold jewellery to gold buyers and make some good money on the side.

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