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Windsor Corporate Services is one of the most trusted companies in New York. Since early 2000, the Windsor Publishing has provided services to different varieties of businesses all over New York. It has been more than a decade, yet the company continues to maintain their accuracy, efficiency, as well as their reliability when it comes to filing and processing legal documents for companies.

Christopher Aloisi has founded the company and still sits as the president until today. They have built a reputation and has earned the loyalty of their clients. Their clients range from small businesses who are just starting up, companies who prefer to outsource their filing and publishing needs, as well as to large law firms.

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The Windsor Corporate Services

With their thousands of corporate and LLC filings as well as publishings that the company has completed, it is not a surprise that Windsor Corporate Services is considered as the best in this industry. They are proven to provide the best services to form your business anywhere in the United States.

  • Searching for Corporate Name Availability. The company is familiar with the requirements when it comes to naming corporations in all states. They know the processes when determining a proposed name which will be acceptable for the Secretaries of State which you can reserve for your company.
  • Document Filing. If you are filing a Certificate of Formation in Delaware, or maybe a Certificate of Incorporation in New York, the company knows all the process. They will file your documents needed accurately and efficiently. They are the company that you can rely on when it comes to these processes.
  • Publishing LLC and Corporate Entities. In any state that publishing is required, the company contacts that county clerks, find out the needed newspapers for publication, notices will be files, and all the documents will be thoroughly checked to make sure that everything is complete and accurate before it is submitted for publication. The Affidavits of Publication, as well as the Certificate of Publication from the Secretary of the State, will be collected.
  • Certificate of Change and Certificate of Amendments. If you need to change your business filing information, the company can file the changes for you to make sure that these are legal and in effect as soon as possible. This will give you the peace of mind to continue with your services without any hassle.
  • Document Retrievals. If you need andy plain or certified copies of documents from the Secretary of State anywhere in the United States, the company can request this on your behalf.
  • Good Standing Certificates. These documents are proof that the company is in “good standing” and has the authorization to transact business within the state. The company will collect the necessary documents for you which you may need for opening bank accounts, loan processing, property leasing, and so much more.

The company has the knowledge and experience when it comes to these processes. For over a decade, they have grown accustomed to the laws of every state which makes them the best company to get in touch with when it comes to these processes. You can also visit to know more about the services that Windsor Corporate Services offer to their clients

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