Best Bikes Of 2021 Perfect For Monsoon Season In India


Monsoon is the perfect time to go on a long road trip on your bike. You can feel the cool breeze hit your face, whizz past endless green vistas, and feel a sense of complete freedom. While this sounds nothing short of thrilling, you need to be well informed too. Just as how you research the best two-wheeler loan schemes, similarly, you need to pick a bike that’s suited for wet and slippery terrains. This way, you can enjoy riding all through the year with no hassles. Here’s a list of monsoon-ready bikes that have been newly launched in India.

  1. Benelli 502C – Impeccably designed, this Italian cruiser is packed with swagger. On the road, it exudes an unmistakable presence with its style and elegance. Don’t miss the double-barrel stainless exhaust pipes that let out the unmissable, head-turning Benelli Roar. It comes with a 500 cc four-stroke twin-cylinder engine with optimum fuel consumption. Fear not, whether in the city or off-road or summer or monsoon, this bike is capable of it all. Although on the expensive side, a two-wheeler loan can come in handy to help you drive this mean machine.
  2. Yamaha FZ-X – Inspired by Neo-Retro design thinking, this bike is all about enjoying the ride on an open road. The bike features a 149cc “BLUE CORE” engine, ABS with superior stability, steady and comfortable slip-resistant feel, and the tires are designed for riding across rough and wet roads, busy city streets, or highways. With the perfect amalgam of safety, connectivity, comfort, design, and toughness, it’s an apt ride, be it rain or shine. Don’t forget to check out a two-wheeler loan online to feel that burst of freedom.
  3. Bajaj Pulsar NS125 – One of the most powerful 125cc bikes in its segment, the NS125 delivers 11 Nm of torque and 12 Ps of power. Even if you’re a riding enthusiast who loves long trips, this bike is a worthwhile option. It’s an all-weather style bike as the ABS helps you always stay in control and along with a thrilling ride, you also get to enjoy comfort on any road. Use the two-wheeler loan EMI calculator to check out a suitable option to make this stunner yours.
  4. Honda CB500X – Whether you commute on the city streets, or get out and explore the open road, you can count on the CB500X to be ready. With long travel suspension, easy handling, ability to handle any kind of terrain, controlled braking in wet or dry conditions, clear and concise information display, premium security features, and more, this is your all-weather companion. There’s a world out there waiting to be explored so don’t forget to check out two-wheeler loan interest rates for this Honda.
  5. Triumph Tiger 850 Sport – The perfect all-rounder, the Triumph Tiger is made to do it all. It’s built for adventures on the road along with lots of comfort. No matter the terrain, the bike offers easy handling. The powerful triple engine and the distinctive road give you a thrilling ride. Fine-tuned ergonomics, advanced technology like high specification brakes and suspension, adjustable seat, exceptional maneuverability, and more, you’ll enjoy a riding experience like never before. If you live by the mantra that life’s an open road, then this bike is your perfect companion.

Hurry, get online and check out a two-wheeler loan that works for you. Soon, you and your dream machine can be one with the road.

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