Should you hire an attorney for your Texas divorce?


Divorce is a hard decision. Besides the emotional trauma, you have to deal with the sea of changes that are likely after the divorce. In Texas, you don’t necessarily need an attorney to file for divorce. Many people often opt for a do-it-yourself divorce, but is it the right decision. Working with a reliable and experienced Galveston divorce attorney can help your case in more ways than one. In this post, we are sharing more on when hiring a lawyer is a good idea.

  1. When you are unsure of your rights. Spouses have their rights in a divorce. For example, all community properties must be divided in a ‘just and right’ manner among spouses. You may be entitled to properties, assets, or other things that you may not know about. A divorce lawyer can explain your rights and protect your interests.
  2. When you need expertise. The biggest problem with do-it-yourself divorces is the lack of expertise. Divorces can be complicated, especially if you don’t agree with your spouse on important matters. A lawyer can offer more details on your options and explain how the process may shape up.
  3. When your spouse has hired a lawyer. In Texas, the same attorney cannot represent both spouses. If your spouse has hired an attorney, it is apparent that they have experience and legal counsel on their side. You wouldn’t want to step back from doing the same.
  4. When things are not well with your spouse. There were obvious troubles in the marriage, or else you wouldn’t think of divorce in the first place. If you are not on talking terms, negotiating important aspects can be hard. That’s precisely why you need to get a lawyer. When lawyers talk directly, issues can be resolved sooner without the nasty arguments.
  5. When you have minor children. Filing for divorce is often tougher when you have minor children. You have to decide on child custody and child support, considering welfare and wellbeing of your child. These are important issues, which should be discussed in depth with a lawyer. A skilled attorney can ensure that you have your rights as a parent and come to an agreement that’s acceptable to both parents.

Now that you know the relevance of divorce attorneys, don’t step back from calling one. Most attorneys in Texas work on an hourly rate, and if yours is a simple no-fault divorce, the lawyer may even take a flat fee.

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