Ford Freestyle- The premium hatchback that ticks most of the boxes


Ford cars have always been manufacturers of quality cars and not just in the country, but all across the world. The cars happen t excel in possible all the directions, right from the build quality to the maintenance and service after the purchase of the car. It is because of these factors that Ford has earned its reputation and built a brand name for it globally and has also managed to establish a market in India. The all-new Freestyle by Ford is in the talks since the first glance and the launching of this car. The design of this car has seemed to appeal most with the first look itself and with the unveiling of the specifications and the build of the car, it is also said to be one of the aptest and suitable SUVs till date.


The engine of Ford Freestyle is available in both the fuel variants of petrol and diesel to start with. Both these fuel variant engines are available in the manual transmission only. The engine capacity of the SUV varies with the fuel variant, the petrol engine has a capacity of 1.2 L and the diesel engine of the car has a capacity of 1.5 L. Both the engines come with a 5-speed manual transmission, there is no option of the automatic transmission with the Ford Freestyle.


The design is one of the primary reasons why the car has appealed so many customers in the country, as the design is a blend of sport and elegance.


The car has an enticing exterior with a completely different look than many other cars by the company. The front of the car has a grille in the mesh pattern and has a black alloy built. The headlamps of the car are all LED and have an almond-like shape that complements the overall front of the car giving a curvy look. The back of the car resembles its sibling, Ford Figo Aspire with similar tail lamps and a flat back, the car from the back gives a very chiselled and muscular look as compared to the front.


The interior of this car like any other car by Ford in India is made up of jet-black leather finished interiors. The plastic used underneath the making of these interiors is of premium and indeed high quality. The seats too are all of a leather finish carrying the jet-black shade. The seats have comfortable cushioning too. The cabin if the car is very spacious, thereby leaving ample space for the legs, shoulders, and head.


The performance of this car is quite optimum, and the car can be termed as an efficient SUV. The petrol unit of the car produces a power of 94 bhp and torque of 120 NM. The diesel unit, on the other hand, produces a power of 99 bhp and torque of 215 NM.


The price of this SUV starts at 5 lac INR and goes up to 8.5 lac INR which varies with the fuel variant and the model of the car.

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