The best iPad apps for events and conferences


Events has been emerging industry since the technology changed the business strategies and plans. Business companies generating billions of dollars through the events. Events became an essential factor for any organization. Successful event leads your business beyond the success limits. Companies spending their 30% of total budget on the event, conferences and meetings. It has become more expensive rather than the development of new product. In the just UK and USA business companies collected more than $400 billions of dollars from events and conferences. In shortly, successful event not just became the symbol of success for business also it is necessary for business existence.

Technology Affects

Where technology is affecting every field of life. Also, business market plans has changed because of innovation in technology. Technology is playing a key role in the success of event. Use of technology devices such as iPad’s, tablets and other related technology became important in event for attendee engagement and interaction. For this purpose, most of organizations hire the iPad from iPad hire companies and use it in their events rather than buy and get enormous profit from it. Through the events, companies increase their sales and services also relationship with their customers.

Attendee Engagement with iPad apps

Attendee engagement is the primary key which makes event successful or flop. Might possible, in the past it was impossible to get someone’s attention, but now with the help of technology attendee engagement has become possible. IPad apps helps out the event organizer to cross this bridge of attendee interaction. IPad apps make it very simple and convenient. Now we will discuss about some iPad apps which support not just event organizer also very helpful for attendees:

  • Apple Map
  • Easy Check-in
  • Whova – Event & Conference App
  • Birdbrain&Attendium

Apple Map

Apple map is very essential for event attendee. Sometimes attendees came to the event from out of the city or country. They faced difficulties when they start to find out the event venue. For them Apple map is very helpful for them. They can search and find out about the event venue place in a convenient and simple way.

Easy Check-in

Event registration indicates the 50% of event success. In the past, event registration was a very painful and inferior procedure for event organizer and attendees. Companies used clipboard for this purpose and attendee waited very long for their number which becomes the reason of stress for both of them. But technology substantially make this procedure very simple. This app make event registration and check in very simple. If you set up the “Guest notifications”you got immediately alert when guest arrived in the meeting.

Whova – Event & Conference App

As we already discussed in the event, attendee engagement has become the main focus of event organizer. Through this app, getting attendees attention is no more impossible. This app manage the attendee engagement and networking. Through this app, attendees can share their ideas, information and knowledge with others also able to check the session details and take participate in it.

But event organizer need to keep this thing in their minds. Attendees could use these apps, if you provide them iPad, tablets for their engagement in events. If you can’t afford it than use other option take the iPad on rent from iPad rentalfor events attendees and save your money also fulfil the business event needs and get enormous profit from your event.

Birdbrain &Attendium

These both apps are also very important for any type of event. Through both apps event organizer can use social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook for attendee involvement in effective and better way. This app could be used before, during and after the event.

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