Get A Single Bill For All Your Connections With Airtel Black!


We have multiple devices nowadays and all of them help us get through our daily tasks. Now, along with these devices, the connections that you have are also quite important. Whether it’s your broadband, DTH, prepaid/postpaid, and/or fixed landline connection, the list goes on. While these are very useful, what happens when you have to pay their bills at the end of the cycle? It can be a hassle, right?!

Paying multiple bills can be hassling with different apps for different connections. You must open the browser, log in to a specific platform, see whether you will use the regular plan, upgrade or maybe downgrade, and then make the payment. It is hectic. Don’t you think it would have been easy if there was a single platform to make all your payments? Where you could have paid just once, and all your connections were taken care of? Sounds interesting?

Well, now you can with Airtel Black, an all in one service for all your connections. Here’s a bit more about Airtel Black and what makes it so good.

Airtel Black: One plan for everything

The core idea of Airtel Black is to bring convenience to you – Now you will be able to manage all your connections with one single plan. And what’s great is that you have just one bill for all of them.

Thus, you need not worry about making multiple payments anymore. Simply install the Airtel Thanks app, join Airtel Black and reap its manifold benefits. Pay just one bill for all your postpaid connections, DTH, broadband, and fixed landline with Airtel Black and relax.

Benefits of Airtel Black

One bill & one call centre

With Airtel Black, you get one call centre for all your connections. Therefore, in case things go south, you will never have to worry about reaching out to multiple support centres. You now have one place to solve it all.

Dedicated relationship team

You will also have a dedicated relationship team to support you with any issues any time. You get priority resolution and your call gets picked up within 60 seconds. Say goodbye to long waiting hours and say hello to instant resolution. With Airtel Black, you will finally get the preferred customer experience that you have been longing for quite a while.

Convenience for the whole family

Another benefit of subscribing to the Airtel Black plan is that you can get your whole family under it. In addition, you can also add your friends to it. This way, you can bring the convenience of bill payments and superior customer support to everyone.

Flexible plans

Airtel understands that everyone’s needs can differ. Therefore, now you can have the benefit of modifying your existing Airtel Black plan. Combine any of your existing Airtel plans with additional services from Airtel. You can also get additional top-ups whenever you want on these connections.

Want to know more about Airtel Black and the many Airtel Black plans that you can choose from? Visit the website today and learn more!

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