How to get a Mortgage Loan


A mortgage loan is a secured loan where property or real estate is used as collateral while dispersing loan. This type of loan is cheaper than an unsecured loan as a lender have assets to liquidate in case of default payment. Both parties enter into an agreement, where the borrower receives full stipulated money and pay overtime in instalment, till then the lender has legal entitlement over the said assets. When you take a mortgage loan for buying a home, it is referred to as a home loan.

Even if you do not have enough cash to buy the dream house, you can enter into a home loan agreement with the lender over the desired time period. Before you decide for a mortgage loan, assess which is the most suitable time period for you, according to your resource and income. The term mortgage loan varies from 5 to 30 yrs; some even extend up to 50 yrs.

Dynamics behind Mortgage loan:

The amount you borrow from the lender in a mortgage loan is referred to as the principal.A part of your monthly payment reduces the principal or mortgage balance, and other part goes towards the interest on the loan. The amount you pay for principal subsequently reduce the amount you owe, thus building your equity. You can use a mortgage calculator to make an estimate of monthly payment over a stipulated time period. To know about it log on to In a typical fixed rate loan, the monthly amount will remain unchanged over the life of the loan. The amount goes to principal will increase and for interest will decrease. This process is known as amortization.

Peer to Peer Lending:

Peer to peer lending is a platform where you can avail loan from other individuals bypassing financial intermediaries like banks or non-banking institutions. Websites that services these kinds of loans are gaining popularity as an alternative platform. It is also known as social or crowdlending. It started in 2005 but gaining impetus. Peer to peer lending websites acts as a bridge between borrowers and lenders. These sites determine the rate and time period for the loan.

These rates vary according to the creditworthiness of borrower. An individual opens an account with the website, deposits money and acts as a lender. The borrower provides his financial profile that determines his risk category and accordingly the interest rate. The whole transaction starting from application, disbursement ad monthly payment is carried over through the platform. provides more information about these kinds of loans.

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