Locksmith Precautions to Take During the COVID-19 Period


Covid-19 has changed the entire world. We all went from living our normal lives to suddenly being completely isolated and unable to even meet our loved ones. The only services that are allowed to stay open and operate normally, have been the “essentials”, and the other businesses have had to make some changes in the way they operate. Locksmithing is something that lands in the middle of being an essential/emergency service in case someone finds themselves locked inside their own home, or locked out of a car and being a regular business. However, almost all Locksmiths in Alabaster are functional, you might want to call the locksmiths in your general area to make sure they’re operating as well. If they are, you can call them up and have them work on your locks, but, there are certain precautions you need to keep in mind before doing so!

1. Check if their charges have changed

Since a lot of businesses throughout the world suffered major losses at the start of the pandemic, most of them adjusted their prices to try to slowly make up for the time that was lost. This means that there’s a chance that some locksmiths might have raised their prices. So you must ask for their updated price sheets before hiring them.

2. Check their working hours

A lot of the world is still under partial or full lockdowns. This affects almost all businesses because their working hours have been changed significantly. Call into your local locksmithing office and ask for their new working hours to ensure that the service you need to be done will be able to get done within the same day.

3. See if you need a regular locksmithing service, or an emergency one

Many locksmithing services like installing a security system or replacing or upgrading functional locks are considered “non-emergency” or regular services. Then, call your preferred locksmithing office and find out if they’re carrying out regular services or just emergency ones. So you know the rightone to call over to your home according to your specific needs!

4. Ask them what health and safety measures will they take while carrying out the services

Before the locksmith gets to your home, you need to ask them what health and safety measures they take while they’re on the job. Do they wear personal protective equipment, will they need you to provide things like hand sanitizers, or do they come with everything that’s needed with them to prepare accordingly.

5. Taking precautions when you have to call a locksmith while self-isolating

If you’re a suspected or confirmed covid-19 patient, you need to inform the locksmithing office before they send someone over. This is to ensure that both you and the locksmith are safe during the entire service. The locksmithing office may also choose to carry out the service at a later date once you have tested negative. It’s better to get this information out of the way before they make it to your home so they don’t just turn away once they get to your home and everyone involved stays as safe as possible.

6. Ensuring social distancing while they’re working

Make sure that you socially distance yourself from the locksmith while they’re doing their job. Inform them about everything that needs their attention beforehand so when they get there you can stay at least 6 feet apart from them as they’re working on your locks.

7. Safe payments

Once the locksmith has done what you hired them for, it’s best that you pay them using a contactless payment method. This can be a direct bank transfer or could be through a specific app. You might also want to make sure you have the information about their preferred payment method before they come in so you have no issues while carrying out the payment later!

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