Actually, what is this URL shortening? How to make URLs shorter


Digital association has links everywhere, making it easier for the user to access resources. Hyperlinks in marketing ads, referrals, and notices are full of characteristics that make them unclean, complicated (especially when it comes to tracking), and distracting. People by nature do not willingly disclose long URLs. Designated difficulties are solved with the support URL-briefing – addresses, he converts too long access in a short, win-win and unpretentious in the application, the main to the suitable destination space. Since the stage of its launch in 2002, these services multiply and accumulate the necessary functions.

If you use a foreign web address, you will not aristocracy where the clicks come from. Overcoming this problem, the uniform resource locator shortener tracks incoming traffic. What addresses were clicked? How many ones and when? What were the types of users, operating systems, languages? The main reason firms make URLs with the shortener is to obtain data on clicks to predict marketing performance. The information gathered is partly reminiscent of Google Analytics, but the shortened URLs give you the ability to track clicks on foreign websites. A good global SMS provider not only allows you to minimize the URL but also allows you to customize it. You’ll be able to edit the link to just make it clear.

You may wonder if the tiny links are considered unchangeable, ie whether there is a risk of such a thing that your shortened URL, redirected in real-time to a particular page, will redirect the recipient to another page in the future? Almost all services offer shortened URLs with a specific timeline, but BSG shortened URLs  never come out and are not reused.

How does URL shortening work?

You need SMS and/or Viber channels to access the features. Activation is performed for free. Your URL is processed and replaced with a fresh domain, and the unchanged hyperlink is replaced with an alphanumeric string (e.g. wt5) containing tracking information. You will be able to reduce the link either when setting up an SMS or Viber campaign or get a personal URL on a dedicated page. Select the BSG ShortUrl service from the drop-down list under Products. Press+ to add an initial link. In the subwindow that opens, enter the initial link, select the domain, enter its name (not visible to the recipient) and click Save.

The statistics are displayed in a table with all your shortened links: personal number, name, type, date of creation, number of clicks, personal message numbers, and the campaign in which they were applied. In the right column, you can edit, send the link or make a quick announcement with it. The usual window to create a campaign will open. You can sort the links in ascending or descending order by name, creation date, personal number, or type. You can also filter your single resource locators under the contents of the fields: select a suitable location ratio, specify the circumstances of the search and click the button Use.

To view detailed information about the clicks, go to the page Clicks in the section ShortURL. You will see an absolute list of clicks with log-date camarilla and device parameters.

What to use the URL shortener for?

For starters, you need to adapt to the limits of the characters: 160 characters for SMS, all sorts of limits for messengers, and public networks. But, for example, you do not need to reduce the link for Twitter – this apron has taken this into account. Short links save message space, so if you use an international SMS platform such as BSG, you send more relevant information at no extra cost. Needless to say, the short URLs look more elegant, they do not distract the reader’s attention from the message itself, and they increase the accessibility.

Unforgettable, readable, and printable links are invaluable when users do not have all chances to click on them immediately: for business cards, printed announcements, podcasts. In case you hope to place ads on printed media, setting up a URL address is good common sense, but also in case you need to intelligently construct it or to conceal the tags links.

Naturally, as in most cases, there is no universal conclusion: the desired URL reduction service for you is depending on the needs of your advertising strategy. BSG offers a sharp, easy-to-use, free shortener with an analytics panel and accurate metrics-smart method to drive traffic directly to your business site.

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