Mobile Banking v Traditional Banking


The days of having to stand in line at the bank are over. Nowadays, people are going to their mobile phones and laptops in order to conduct all of their banking business. You can download a banking app onto your mobile phone and this will allow you to access your account.

The drawbacks of traditional banking are going to be forgotten once you have installed this app on your phone.

You can see which banks have the best apps. Then you can set up an account with that bank and start using it on your mobile.

What Are The Benefits Of Mobile Banking?

There are lots of advantages that mobile banking has over traditional banking. You should consider all of the advantages before you make your final choice.

  • Instantaneous
  • Safe
  • Out-Of-Hours Transfers

The Mobile Banking Is Instantaneous

1) Mobile banking is instantaneous in terms of transfers.

2) All you are going to have to do is set up the transfer from the comfort of your own home and then you put in the confirmation code once it is sent from your bank.

3) This is better than having to wait for a few days for bank transfers to happen when you do it through the bank.

The Mobile Banking Is Safer

1) When you do banking traditionally, lots of people have access to your potentially sensitive information. You may not want these bank employees to know all of your details.

2) Instead, you can conduct all of your banking from your mobile. Your information is protected by encryption during mobile banking in Malaysia and the firewall that you have already installed on your phone.

3) This is better than having to deal with people at the bank. You will get into the habit of using your mobile-phone for banking, so you will not have to go all the way to your nearest branch.

The Mobile Banking Will Allow You To Conduct Transfers Out Of Hours

1) You do not need to be concerned with business hours when you are conducting your banking business. Instead, you can send money in the middle of the night if you need to and this is going to be possible because of the mobile banking that you have chosen to sign up for with a bank that you feel like you can trust.

The Mobile Banking Will Let You Check Your Account When You Are On The Move

1) You might be travelling on holiday or because you are attending a business conference. This means that you cannot just go to a branch of your bank.

2) Also, it may not be very practical for use a laptop in this situation. Instead, you can instantly use your mobile banking to deal with your finances.

Overall Conclusion

Mobile banking is preferable to traditional banking because it gives you a large amount of flexibility that you would otherwise not have. You should look at several different banking options before you decide which mobile banking is going to be the best one for you.

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