Innovative Ink and Paint Solutions for Modern Business


Technology has exploded into the world of commercial ink, allowing the small business to experiment with millions of colours, and coupled with innovative printing on composite materials, the possibilities for printed media are endless. Pigments can now have a degree of conductivity, resistivity, or barrier properties, and with literally millions of colours and shades, you have carte blanche in the design stakes.

Pigment Dispersion

This cutting edge technology allows for very precise colouring that is evenly spread throughout the coating, and if you would like to talk to the market leaders in the UK, Centre Colours have you covered. They offer a wide range of services to a range of industries, and pigment happens to be their speciality. Pigment dispersion consists of the separate stages, namely mixing and milling, and batches would range from 50-400kg, as per client requirements, and the manufacturer would have 4 or 5 large mixers, plus a few for small orders. The milling is roll based and ensures an even constitution, and with repetitive turning and folding, the coating is smoothed out.

Bespoke Service

A client might already know exactly what they are looking for in a coating, and the supplier would work to the given specifications, yet often the client only knows what is required and is not familiar with the production process, and in such a case, the supplier would reverse engineer their needs and provide the perfect formula, to which they would work. In this industry, there are no off the shelf solutions, and each project is treated as a challenge. Providing a coating with the right qualities and properties is the goal, and if the supplier has an impressive list of clients, you can be sure of great results.

Conductive Ink

As the name suggests, this is an ink that conducts electricity, and is an extremely efficient method of laying down conductive traces, and would typically be used in conjunction with graphite. Conductive printing is used to fabricate the membrane inside a computer keyboard, and the rear window of a modern vehicle contains a conductive membrane that acts as a radio antenna. Printing tags on modern ticketing also use the printing technology, and as composite materials and technology combine, conductive printing will always be at the cutting edge.

Online Solutions

Where would a company look for such ink or coating products? The Internet, as always, provides the solution, and a simple search would have you in touch with the market leader, and with their expert advice, your desired coating will soon be within reach. The client will have very specific needs, and once these are shared, the supplier would use their extensive knowledge to provide the perfect solution, whether it be ink, paint, or any other form of coating.

Technology development seems to be accelerating, and this is very noticeable in the ink and coatings industry, as new materials are discovered, and the properties of a specific ink or paint can be created to specification, which will achieve the objective.

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