The Ins and Outs of Swiss Holding Company Formation


The definition of a holding company is one that holds shares in other companies and does not have any other business activities. The company must not conduct any other business in Switzerland in order to qualify as a holding company, and although there are 23 Cantons in Switzerland, not all offer the same benefits for a holding company.

Professional Guidance

With such a complex system in place, one really needs the help of a locally based company that specialises in Swiss company formation, and once you have furnished them with all the necessary information, they can advise you on the best Canton in which to register your holding company. One in four of all holding companies are registered in Canton Zug, making it the most popular of all the Swiss Cantons. Each Canton has its own tax rates, and for a holding company, Zug does seem to offer more benefits.

Comprehensive Services

Setting up a company in a foreign country can seem like a daunting prospect, but if you enlist the help of a specialised outfit, they can provide a range of services that would include the following:

  • Company registration
  • Ongoing administration services
  • Tax and Vat accounts
  • Preparing Reports (monthly, quarterly, and annually)
  • Providing and maintaining a registered office address

You may not wish to employ staff directly in your Swiss office and in that case, the company can arrange for staff to oversee your Swiss office, along with a range of other services you might require.

Office Space

If you require a working office in the Canton, there are facilities available, and for a fixed annual fee, a range of essential administration services can be obtained on your behalf. Every company’s needs are unique, and by discussing your needs with the formation company, they can provide the perfect service to enable your new business to get off the ground. You might require the use of meeting rooms at your registered offices and this can easily be arranged on a day to day basis, if required.

Phone and Fax Services

Telephone, fax and email answering services can be undertaken by professional office staff who speak a number of languages, ensuring you maintain a professional image at all times. With the help of local experts, your company formation will be a smooth process, and if all goes well, your new company can be trading in a matter of weeks.

Website Design and Administration

Some companies require the creation and maintenance of a website and these facilities are available, should you require them. There are also virtual office services that offer professional receptionists who can answer calls and other enquiries on your behalf, and if you need your new office wired for IT services, this can easily be arranged.

Switzerland is by far the best location for a holding company, and with professional guidance, your new business will reach its full potential.

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