Types of Ladies Office Wear to Inspire Your Workwear Wardrobe


Getting dressed for work can be a stressed event for women, especially when you need to rush to the office, choose the right outfit and doll up. This is especially true if you do not prepare your work attire the night before.

As ridiculous it may sound, researches have shown that women who get their work wardrobe ready the night before are less stressed out the following morning. This routine is easy to implement and follow if you have a prescribed work dress code.

Formal business attire vs Office casual wear

Formal lady’s office wear consists of outfits such as suits which can be worn to a meeting with a client. Casual attire such as dresses can be worn to contemporary places to work or a casual Friday at work. Both types have their pros and cons.

Formal clothing such as suits do not take up much time although they can be uncomfortable, whereas when it comes to informal office wear it can be time-consuming to decide what to wear although they can be quite comfortable.

Wearing a dress to work is a fashionable and stylish choice. It does not require adding lots of accessories or details and it is sufficient on its own. We at Le Contour have prepared a list of dress suggestions that will inspire you to change and spice up your workwear outfits. Take a look!

A-line dress

A-line dresses are one of the most common dress types on the market. They are popular among women because they suit all body shapes. It is a model that starts tight on the upper part of the body, continuously opens up towards the skirt part, and accents the waistline. These types of dresses come in different lengths, colours, fabrics, and sleeves can be worn for different occasions. The top part can be fitted, with or without the sleeve. The line of dress follows the natural silhouette line and accents the waist before it goes down to the skirt. The skirt is open wide, can have pleats or it can be just a plain one. As for the length, many A-line dresses go with a maximum length reaching the knees and some are asymmetrical and provide the extra-fashionable look. Falling in the category between semi-casual and semi-formal, the A-line dresses are a quick and safe workwear outfit that looks smart and fashionable. Styling of this kind of dress does not involve anything more than a handbag, flats or heels and a blazer.

Bodycon Dress

The popularity of the bodycon dresses spiked after the world-wide propaganda that beauty comes in all sizes and shapes. The one that was once considered inappropriate due to the look it provided on different body shapes and sizes, now has become a part of the daily wardrobe choice for many women. Bodycon dresses are tight dresses that follow the line of the body, and with that, accent and flaunt the curves. They are mostly worn by the younger population, but lately, some more elegant versions are perfect as workwear. The length of a bodycon dress reaches the knees, the cleavage can be a shallow V-neck, straight or Greek opening. Usually, they come in all different sleeve options. Perfect for business meetings, they can easily be styled with a short blazer or a scarf thrown over the shoulders.

Maxi Dress

Women rarely choose maxi dresses for work, but they are among the chicest and sophisticated ones for work. Seeing a woman wearing this type of dress presents a smart, confident and fashionable appearance which is, in fact, a 3-in-1 goal. Combining the fashionability with the skills of the work you do is a top-notch goal. The maxi dresses are excellent for all seasons, and they look very trendy when paired with high heels, trench coat, leather jacket, and a crossbody bag. The comfortability and trendiness they provide make them all-time favourite workwear dresses. The maxi dress can also come in the form of a shirt dress, which is a more relaxed option for casual workdays. Depending on the print, pattern or motif of the dress the styling can be done with footwear that keeps the same tone and does not overshadow the dress.

 Midi Dress

A good option for interviews, midi dresses come in length between the maxi dresses and the knee-length ones. Their presence on the fashion market is quite big today and it was inspired by them being a fashion trend a few years ago. Bringing diversity and colourfulness in the boring workwear outfits, they come as a much-needed fashion refresher. Made out of most different fabrics, they can provide a resemblance with the A-line dresses, but the length is what most differentiates them. The prints and patterns that come on the midi dresses make them unique and, for the office, they are fashionable and cute pieces that can flatter all body types. For the wintertime, they provide the cool look with heeled boots and for the summertime, they look extremely well with pumps or flats.

 Sheath Dress

The sheath dress comes as a straight, but more fitted dress following the body silhouette. It holds a bit of elegant note, and that makes it a perfect piece for work. This is the dress you need to wear to work when you have business meetings that can turn to after-work lunch or cocktails. The elegance of this dress comes from the fabric, details and cut they are made of. Fitted form of the dress makes it look feminine and fashionable. Finishing the outfit is best done with accessories like jewellery, brooches, scarves, and fancy bags.

Shift Dress

Shift dresses are also called straight dresses. What determines their signature look is that they have a straight line – from the top till the end. They just fall, without following the body silhouette and provide a comfortable and relaxed look. They are frequently chosen by women who want to hide their belly and any flaws they might have, and still look tasteful and professional. The shift dresses usually come with knee-length or just above it. Long, short, cap sleeves or strapless are the options that you can use for the office. The shift dresses can look pretty plain on their own if you do not add some styling details on them. Bows, ruffles or any kind of embellishments will save you the trouble of accessorising.

Floral Dresses

Their floral dresses have been a hit online with beautiful colour combinations and designs for work and casual events. Here are some of their floral dresses for work that we absolutely adore.


So, if your inspiration was a bit stuck, we hope that we helped you out with some of the dress types and suggestions that you can find on Le Contour. Freshen up and elevate your work look by wearing stylish and appropriate dresses. You and all around you will see the difference. Be a fashion inspiration to others whether it’s for a business meeting or a job interview!

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