4 Different situations where personal injury rules apply


All the laws valid for personal injuries are commonly called tort laws and allow the victim to approach the civil court and receive payment for all his losses. The injured person gets legal remedies for all the damages.

Well, the main objective of this separate tort law system is to do justice with the victims who got injured by compensating financially after suffering from all the harms caused because of someone else’s negligence or maybe intentional acts.

Moreover, there is a vast variety of situations where these personal injury rules apply. However, some of them are:

  1. Accidents:

If a person gets injured due to someone else’s negligence or irresponsibility and gets harmed severely. Moreover, if some kind of accident causes wrongful death or the victim receives some permanent disabilities, the personal injury rules apply there, and the culprit must pay for every expense.

For example, if a medical health practitioner gives the wrong diagnosis or we can call it medical malpractice or maybe in a car accident, the victim can file a lawsuit and get the deserved compensation for the pre- and post-treatment expenses.

  1. Faulty products:

A few situations in which the victim doesn’t get harm due to someone’s negligence, but because of some manufacturing fault in a product.

McCormick &Murphy, P.C. also specifically puts extra efforts on product liability cases where the claims arise from the defective products or some kind of machines and not from someone else’s irresponsible actions.

  1. Intentional acts:

Personal injury laws are valid for some specific situations where the victim gets injured due to a defendant’s planned act or due to something he or she has done deliberately. These laws provide justice to injured females victims of sexual or physical assault.

In such cases, pictorial shreds of evidence of the injuries may establish the liability for the intensity of the victim’s sufferings. They may reveal the extent of damages in a better way.

  1. Defamation:

Defamation is a kind of mental assault, where a person gets defamed due to another person’s wrongful acts or maybe wrong statements sometimes. This can harm the victim’s reputation and precious fame and trust he must have earned after years of hard work.

How should extensive compensation be?

Well, the compensation in these personal injury lawsuits must include all the expenses, including:

  1. Loss of earnings
  2. Property damage, including all the vehicle damages
  3. Pre- and post-treatment medical bills

Moreover, if these situations lead to wrongful death, the compensations should be settled to keep all the expenses and not be limited to the following costs:

  1. Funeral expenses
  2. Medical expenses before the victim’s death
  3. Loss of financial support of the entire family

These personal injury laws apply to various claims and vary with situations. Well, the victim should have a detailed discussion with the plaintiff to understand the worth of his claims thoroughly. And the structure of contingent fee must be discussed prior to filling.

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