What compensations can a worker receive if injured in New York?


New York has been known as the hub of human rights and the land of job opportunities. Many times, jobs could entail high risks like construction jobs, and God forbid if one of your known ones are injured, they would need to seek compensation. Here is where a Construction/ Worksite accident lawyer steps in. If you want to discuss your case with a lawyer, get help by clicking here.

What are some types of compensation which you, as a worker, can claim?

When someone is hurt in an accident caused by someone else, the law in New York permits the affected person to file a case in court to seek compensation for medical costs and other damages. However, in the case of employment injuries, New York’s workers’ compensation policy applies, for an employee injured on the job. These are the following compensations a worker in New York will receive:

  • Death benefits: Employees’ compensation death payments are available to certain family members of workers who die due to a compensable injury. The surviving spouse, children under the age of 18 or 23 if in full-time education, and any youngster who was dependent on the worker and is permanently physically impaired are all eligible family members.
  • Wage Replacement: When assessing if a workplace injury is permanent, a doctor will treat the worker until his (or her) condition has reached a point where it will not improve any further, even with extra therapy. That is when the wage worker will be paid 2/3 of your normal weekly income for as long as he is disabled.
  • Medical therapy: Medical and chiropractic treatment for job injuries will be covered by workers’ compensation. Treatment must be provided by a New York Workers’ Compensation Board-approved medical professional or institution.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation: If you cannot return to your previous employment as a result of a workplace accident, you may be eligible for a vocational rehabilitation program or job placement assistance.
  • Social Security: Benefits from social security. If an injured worker’s ailments are projected to keep him (or her) from working for at least a year, they may be eligible for monthly Social Security payments.

Key takeaways

Employees’ compensation death payments are available to certain family members of workers who die due to a compensable injury. To claim these benefits from your spouse’s company, you need to hire an efficient lawyer who keeps in touch with you and is easy to contact. In addition, while selecting a lawyer, check if he is a specialist and find out about how many cases he has solved up to date in your field.

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