What to Look for in an Estate Planning Attorney


Most people do not consider estate planning an important task. They may not plan the appropriate distribution of their assets after they are gone. Many people don’t ever think about setting up a will. It would not be wrong to suggest that a majority of people would die intestate. However, their estate would be distributed as per the laws of inheritance prevalent in the state, those laws might not reflect how the departed had chosen to give their specific assets to their family. Therefore, to avoid such a situation, it would be in your best interest to find an experienced McKinney estate planning attorney.

The attorney understands the probate process of your state. Their updated estate tax laws knowledge assists in ensuring the hearing of your final wishes about how the estate should be distributed in the family. They also carry out your specific health care and your wishes to carry out life support.

Estate planning attorneys would help you draft a simple will, change the present will to reflect a significant change in the financial status, establishing a trust, or setting up a suitable estate plan inclusive of a trust, will, life support, and health care directives.

It would be pertinent to mention here that the attorney would help determine your real estate holdings, investments, and the personal property. They would determine your present state of financial affairs and your future goals for estate planning. They would help you see a true picture of the prospective needs of the surviving family. They would understand your health care needs.

The estate planning attorney would explain the best possible alternatives from the gathered information for the appropriate handling of your estate according to your desires. They would discuss your trusts and wills, present options that you could employ instantly to reduce the taxes along with any specific probate costs on the estate.

Estate planning attorneys would advise you if you do or do not require any specific changes in the estate plan due to the change in your life. Estate tax attorneys would draft and execute all legal paperwork. It would be inclusive of your will, testamentary trust, power of attorney, and health care directive that would be essential for carrying out your wishes. They would also do the required research and ensure to minimize the tax consequences of your estate. If the need arises, they would consult a tax expert as well.

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