What Is the Cost of Meetings and Conferences in an Office Rented on an Hourly Basis?


More and more business owners, lawyers, mediators, sales personnel, travelling business owners, entrepreneurs etc are taking office space on rent on hourly basis these days. This is a great way to hold meetings, conferences, and sessions with clients without investing a lot of money on monthly rent, utilities, and furniture. Many companies are even hiring employees in such rented offices and some even providing training to their local staff in offices that are rented for just a few hours. Office rented on an hourly basis results in huge savings for an organization as the organization is only paying for usage and not tying up their capital on long term leases and furniture. But what are the costs of renting office space in a city for a few hours? Let us find out.

Type of office

The cost you pay for your office can vary widely. Tampa and New York prices are on each end of the price spectrum and prices for space within each respective city will depend upon its location and size. Downtown and Westshore in Tampa are the most popular office markets. As such, pricing tends to be a little higher than suburbs, such as Brandon or New Tampa. Pricing also varies by size of space. Huddle rooms for 3-5 people are obviously going to be less expensive than training or seminar rooms that hold over 50 people.

Typical Uses for Temporary Office Space

  • Interviewing potential hiring employees.
  • Brainstorming with your creative team.
  • Classroom training, such as those required by insurance companies or language schools.
  • Depositions and Mediations
  • Meeting with your sales team
  • Quarterly employee reviews
  • Financial professionals making proposals to prospects

Prices vary from one location to another

Again, understand that locations from city to city and even within a city may vary widely, but generally speaking, rates are in the following ranges:

  • Small offices containing one desk are available on an hourly rent of $20-$40. The longer the term of use, the better the rate. Monthly rates for a closed door office can be as low as $400, in Tampa, for example.
  • Training rooms typically start at around $60-$100 per hour. Many landlords offer incentives for longer term use (i.e lessor rates on the 2nd or 3rd usage or charging for only the first few hours per day and free or deep discounts for the remainder of the day).
  • Pricing also depends upon the kind of facilities provided. Video conferencing services, for example, are usually an add-on cost (depending the type of equipment, charges can start from as little as $30/hour).
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