A glance at the various video downloading apps on the Android platform


YouTube does allow users to save videos online, but to rely on any third party apps to download YouTube videos is an illegal. YouTube will not allow you to download any videos that are in violation of their terms and conditions. In case if you plan to upload a video that is downloaded though the official app of YouTube is available, it is not available on Google store. There are numerous third party apps that make the task of downloading apps an easy task.

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For Android platform this is a powerful video downloader. From a host of sites you can choose to download videos and steaming in any format. The quality can be chosen and from this app you can share the videos. With a unique UI this app is really impressive. The downloading speed is fast as you can go on to choose a variety of themes, night mode along with an in built video player. Though this app is not available on Google play store it can be downloaded from the official site as you can go on to install it on your mobile phone.


It ceases to be an excellent third party downloading app. The interface is easy to use, and from multiple video sites you can download the content. With an in built browser you can access the sites that you want. From a preferred site you can download the video. This app also allows you to choose the quality and format of the video before you are planning to download it. Any videos downloaded are stored on to your mobile phone automatically. Even YouTube videos can be downloaded in MP 3 format but for that you would need a MP3 convertor. In spite of being an excellent video downloader you have to deal with constant ads.

Keep Vid

This is one of the popular video downloading platforms on the Android platform. By this app you can download videos at a much faster pace and even videos from 27 odd sites are possible. This app is blessed with an easy to use interface and videos to the tune of 4k can be downloaded. This app is incorporated with an in built video and audio player. Even YouTube videos can be downloaded as MP3 without the aid of an external plug in.


Vidmate app has a lot of takers. For downloading YouTube videos this is one of the reliable apps in the market. It is possible to select files on the basis of specific categories. Though this app provides you with a fast downloading speed, you can customize the options and even choose the preferred location for storing the videos. There is an in built video and audio player as within the app there is an encrypted space where you can hide the videos. You just need to select the video that you want to download and with the help of a red button you have the option to download the video.

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