Bulk SMS for efficient, timely internal communications


Why use text messaging for internal communications

Recently, SMS messaging has become popular not only among companies offering their services. Text notifications are an effective way to interact with employees, too. Sending messages using the special SMS testing service will allow you to stay in touch with colleagues, regardless of the way you work, in the office or from home. People always keep their phones at hand, so such messages will be most probably read.

Features of SMS for human resources

When creating your HR communication strategy, focus on the most valuable information for each employee. You can create a newsletter that will include:

  1.     Information about updates important for each employee. Give answers to the most frequently asked questions or summarize the results of a discussion, which can be read in a message. Emails are of most use here, but you use SMS notifications to briefly recap the discussed info.
  2.     Notifications in case of an emergency.
  3.     Rewards for the best employees at the end of the month or quarter.
  4.     Schedule changes.

All message should be short and valuable. It allows talking about advantages of text messaging in communication between colleagues.

How to text your employees

In-house notifications help build a permanent mailing list. It’s important that all employees have access to the Internal sms messaging. I this case, every worker will be able to receive notifications and due attention, especially when messages are personalized. The chances of reading these messages are 98%, while the majority of colleagues will ignore a similar notification received by email.

But don’t abuse the trust of your employees and don’t send messages after working hours. Your colleagues may not read them until they return to their workplaces. Also, don’t send too many messages, because they may soon end up in the spam folder.

Final thoughts

Communication with customers is important, but don’t forget about HR communication to employees. It’s crucial to share important information with your colleagues, as this will help in building strong and friendly relationships in the team. For bulk messages, use special services that will make sending out notifications much easier.

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